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1 Mrs. Shobhika Gopnarayan INDIA’S FIRST PLASMA BANK: in scope for a treatment against covid-19
2 Dr. Sarika A. Panwar 3D Printer In Medical Field
3 Ms. Mamta Rajshekhar Wanjare Things You Should Know About MACRONUTRIENTS
4 Mrs. Kulkarni Sheetal V. A New Vertical Of Future Era – Scope Of Biomedical Aspirant In Instrumentation Engineering
5 Dr. Dipali R. Shende Engineering In Instrumentation
6 Mrs. Vineeta Philip Lexicon Power At AISSMSInstitute Of Information Technology
7 Mr .Sachin Shelar MSEDCLNew Tariff 1 Apr 2020 (KVAH Billing) Summary By AISSMS IOIT PQ Cell Pune
8 Mrs. GeetaSalunke Small Scale Industries : A Step Of Development!!
9 Dr. Shashikant Bakre

Prof. SachinShelar

KVAh Billing System
10 Dr. Pradeep Mane The 50:10 Module – A Proven Learning Technique At The AISSMS IOIT
11 Dr. Pradeep Mane Sculpting Students’ Future by Enhancing Skills
12 Dr. Pradeep Mane Stepping Into Professionalism
13 Dr. Dipali R. Shende Engineering In Instrumentation And Control
14 The Fight Against Covid-19 Pandemic With Modern IT And Computer Technologies For Healthcare
15 Dr. Pradeep Mane AISSMS Institute Of Information Technology Ideology And Mission
16 Saba Mubeen Shaikh DON’T BLAME….!!
17 Dr. KishorWagh Upcoming Information Technologies
18 Dr.SureshLimkar Industrial Revolution
19 Dr. JaydeepPatil Website Trust: Use Trusted Sites For Safety In Case Of Information And Money
20 Mr.Riyaz Jamadar Programming Teasure
21 Mrs. Shikha Agrawal Agile Methods
22 Ms. Aishwarya S Phatak Blog By Aishwarya Pathak
23 Dr. Nidhi Sharma Bliss Or Danger The MSG Controversy
24 Dr. Nidhi Sharma Wonders Of Chemistry In Engineering