Annual Social Gathering 2022

Annual Social Gathering 2022

The annual Social Gathering and Prize Distriburion functionof AISSMS IOIT was organized on 19 April 2022.The inauguration took place in the presence of Shri Sureshpratap Shinde (Honorary Joint Secretary,AISSMS),Shri Sahebrao Jadhav (Chairman, Managing Committee,AISSMS), Shri Nikhil Ashok Khanse (Member-Governing Body,AISSMS). Dr.P.B.Mane (Principal ,AISSMS IOIT).

It was followed by Orchestra by the skits presented by different departments and Prize distribution. Prizes were given away for achievements in academics (University rankers) and major achievements in Sports.

The student council members briefed the dignitaries about various technical, sports and social activities conducted during academic year 2021-22.The National Service Scheme (NSS) unit also interacted with the dignitaries and briefed them about the Techno social activities carried out by NSS unit .

Annual Social Gathering 2022 Glimps

Arrival of Dignitaries for Annual Social Gathering and Prize Distribution function Shri Sureshpratap Shinde (Honorary Joint Secretary,AISSMS),Shri Sahebrao Jadhav (Chairman, Managing Committee,AISSMS), Shri Nikhil Ashok Khanse (Member-Governing Body,AISSMS).Dr.P.B.Mane (Principal ,AISSMS IOIT)with interacting with Student Council Members AISSMS IOIT
Student council and Annual Social Gathring Committee members with dignitaries of  Management ,HODs and Principal

Inauguration of Annual Social Gathering by Shri Sureshpratap Shinde (Honorary Joint Secretary,AISSMS),Shri Sahebrao Jadhav (Chairman, Managing Committee,AISSMS), Shri Nikhil Ashok Khanse (Member-Governing Body,AISSMS)
Falicitation of Chief guest Shri Sureshpratap Shinde (Honorary Joint Secretary,AISSMS) by Principal Dr.P.B.Manne (AISSMS IOIT)


Kalakari Orchestra performance
Glimpse of Prize distribution-Academics and Sports-Annual Social Gathering 2022

Skit Themes of Respective Departments

First year Engineering

Title- The Pretty Flaw -Self Love

Theme– The main idea of our skit is “SELF LOVE”. As today’s generation is the one who thinks about every single thing we first need to focus on ourselves. Telling every individual about loving yourself and finding new ways to explore their true interests is the main motive behind the idea.

Electrical Engineering

Title- नको युद्ध हवा बुध्द !

Theme- Todays world is full of  hate tread and threat. But Budhha message can save the world form these enemies and  everyone has to work for inner peace for thebetterment of the world


Computer Engineering

Title- बोन्साय

Theme-Its a story about friendship between three boys who are students of engineering course. The battle between personal matters, expectations from parents their dreams, expectations was presented through this play


Information Technology

Title- लडका किसे केहेते है

Theme- he story revolves around a boy’s life. The struggles of a boy and the line “boys don’t cry.”We are here to voice a boys’ struggle and the fact that they also have emotions, and they also need to be heard. A story line of a boy from school life to job was presented


Artificial intelligence And Data Science (AI &DS)

Title- Sanp Insta And Gen -Z

Theme- They are representing our young generation where everyone is busy in technology and have got distracted in the world of social media and gaming. This distraction is misleading us to false judgement, jealousy, depression and wastes a lot of golden time that can be utilised for great activities like studying, outdoor sports and other public activities that builds a better character.

Electronics And Telecommunication

Title- Purani Jeans

Theme-A group of six friends and their friendship and their college life.


Title- बाप म्हणजे नक्की काय

Theme- The image of any father is usually presented as a hard and strict person but the fact is he is very sensitive and emotional from inside.This side of father was presented in the skit.

National Service Scheme (NSS)

Title- पुनर्जागरण

Theme-A story about NSS vaulentiers  was presented. It included the initial period of NSS entry, the activities done in NSS and how NSS has played role in transforming their personalities.



Departmental Skit Performances during Annual Social Gathering 2022
FE-Engineering Sciences Department Computer Engineering Department
Electrical Engineering Department AI and Data Science Department
Instrumentation Engineering Department
Information Technology National Service Scheme (NSS) team