Medical Facility

All the students are provided with College facilities for medical care and treatment in the college dispensary at the college cost.

Timing of Dispensary:
All working days of institute- From 8.00am to 6.00pm
All Saturdays and Sundays- From 9.00am to 1.00pm


  1. Consultation and distribution of medicines to students
  2. Organisation of different camps and talks for benefit and awareness of the mass in diseases like Hepatitis, AIDS, Hypertension, Diabetes and Arthritis
  3. It has a capacity of 20 beds
  4. Well known doctors are regulary visiting the dispensary

Sick Room : Sick Room- For emergency primary treatment

First Aid Facilities : First aid facility available in every department

Hospital : Major Hospitals located in the vicinity of 1km radius

Naydu Hospital : 

Contact: +(91)-(20)-26058243 | 26058842 | 25501235

Surya Hospital : 

Contact:  +(91)-(20)-24574232

Sancheti Hospital:

Phone: +91(20) 28 999 999 |+91(20) 27 999 999| 91(20) 27 999 999 |+91(20) 28 999 999

Sasson General Hospital:

Contact: 020-26120762‎, 26124660‎, 26128219‎

Ruby Hall Clinic:

Contact: +91-(20)-66455100,+91-(20)- 26163391,+91-(20)- 66455656,+91-(20)- 66494949

Medical Checkup Camp: Medical check up camps are regularly organized for students

Sr.No Facility Specification Photo
1 Medical room 10×10 medical room , Two coat available
2 wheel chair Light weight and ideal for everyday use, Comes with inbuilt commode
3 Stretcher Folding stretcher available in college
4 First kid box First kid box available in every department
5 Ambulance  College has an ambulance for emergency medical care


Physical Education Department was conducted medical camp for students and staff members. Around 300 students and staff members  participated in blood donation camp. This activity was done under the guidance of Principal Dr. P. B. Mane and Prof. D.S.Morey ( Physical Director).