Faculty Development Program on “ Train the Trainer” Organised by Faculty Development Centre Savitribai Phule Pune University Dr. UjjwalTawade, Dr. Sonawane, Dr, Sachin Surve and 20 participants dated 3/09/2018 to 9/09/2018.
Workshop on’ Antenna and microwave components designing’ for BE(A, B, C) E &TC students by Mr.SumithPillai, Designtech Ltd. Organized by Ms.R.A.Thakare,Ms.G.G.Kulkarni.
Refresher Programme on ‘Recent trends in MEMS, Power sources and Electronic Packaging 25/06/2018-30/06/2018.
PCB Design Workshop for TE (A, B, C ) E&TC students, Dated 24/08/.2018 and 25/08/2018.
Virtual Lab workshop

Industrial Visits

Industrial visit to Aryan Boilers PVT LTD Baramati on 13/07/2018 Coordinator- Ms. Mamta Wanjre ,Mrs. Deepali Yewale , Mr Rajendra Ingawale (CEO) Staff and Students of BE ( B, C).
Industrial visit to Krishi Vigyan Kendra Baramati on 13/07/2018 Dr. Sayyad Kadar Ali explaining Netherland Capsicum project to students.
Industrial Visit at Pune Techtrol Pvt. Ltd., Bhosari, Pune on 21/08/2018
Students of TE (B), Ms. Mousami Vanjale, Ms. RevatiDeodhar, Mr. D. A. Itole, Ms. S. V. Lohar
Industrial Visit At GMRT, Khodad for BE(A,B,C) E&TC students Organized by Ms.R.A.Thakare, Ms.G.G.Kulkarni, Mr.C.K.Bhange
IV Digital Circuits Pvt Ltd Chakan Bhosari on 13/10/201840 students attended of SE-B Div
Industrial Visit at Katraj Dairy, Pune. For SE (A )(B )(C) with Dr. V. K. Bairagi, Mr. S. R. Pawar, Mr. S. R. Kokane, Mrs. S. P. Gopnarayan, Mr. MayurDhumalon 09/10/2018
Industrial Visit to National Research Center Manjri, Pune on 30/07/2018Mrs. KavitaMundankar, Scientist (Computer Application), NRCG, Prof.G.H.Wani, Prof.D.A.Itole Industrial Visit to National Research Center Manjri, Pune on 30/07/2018Prof.G.H.Wani, Mrs. KavitaMundankar, Scientist (Computer Application), NRCG, Prof.D.A.Itole
Industrial Visit to TE (B,C)students at TrimurtiStainlink Equipment pvt Ltd, Dhayri, Pune on 05/10/2018.
Vidyavani Visit BE(A,B) and SE
TE visit at IMD Pune

Expert Lectures

Expert Lecture for T E on “ Microwave Transmission Line for RF PCB” by Mrs.Renuka Wekhande addressing students
Expert Lecture for SE on “Digital Electronics” by Ms. KomalPhadtare
Ms.KomalPhadtare explaining concepts to students
Expert Lecture on ‘Industrial Automation’ on 19/09/2018Mr. Rajendra Joshi, Students of TE
Expert lecture on “DSP Applications “by Dr.ShailaApateon 09/10/2018 Class TE-A,B,C
Expert lecture on “Smart Applications of Embedded Technology” by Speaker MuktakKansar Senior Technology Lead IoT,AFour Technologies on 10/10/2018 for SE-A,B Div
Expert Lecture for TE(A,B,C)E&TC students on Baseband Receivers By Dr. MrinalBachute,AssociateProfessor,SIT,Lavale,Pune Organized by Ms.R.A.Thakare,Ms.S.V.Lohar ,Mr.S.R.Kokane
Expert Lecture on “Introduction to Probability with Statistical Application” by Mr.MandarKulkarni for SE (A,B,C) students Organised by Mr.S.R.Kokane, Mr.S.R.Pawar, Mrs.H.D.Shonde on 3/10/2018.
SE expert lecture
SE Guest Lecture
Staff Visit to CMET, Pashan
Staff Visit to MACOM,Pune
Faculty Knowledge Forum presentation by Ms. A. S. Phatak on 08/10/2018
Staff with IAS Mr.Piyush Bhagwanrao Salunkhe(Alumni Student of E&TC)
Student participated in Hackathone at Jaipur RJ
Student participated in Tech Mahindra Internship
E&TC Department staff with Miss India International & Asia chief guest for Veritas-2017, inaugurating technical magazine Telescan, newsletter and Project magazine.
Expert Lecture on ‘Computer networking and Job Opportunities in Industrial Visit at DINS InfotechPvt.Ltd.,Pune for BE Students on 22/08/2017
organized by Ms.R.A.Thakare, Ms.G.G.Kulkarni, Mr.C.K.Bhange.2.Networking’ for BE (A,B,C) by Mr. Dinesh Marotkar, DINS Infotech Pvt Ltd,
Pune on 28/07/2017 organized by Ms.R.A.Thakare, Mr.S.R.Pawar, Mr.C.K.Bhange
IV at Wireless Control, Pune Date: 18/08/2017 Guest Lecture on ‘Baseband Receiver’ by Dr.G.R.Deshpande
SE(A,B,C) Organizer: Mrs. G. D. Salunke,
Ms. M. R. Wanjare,Ms. P. D. Deosarkar.
1. Social Visit: Saraswati Anath Shikshan Ashram(SASA), Dapodi,Pune Date: 18/08/2017 Class: SE(A,B,C) Organizers: Mrs. G. D. Salunke, Ms. M. R. Wanjare,Ms. P. D. Deosarkar.SE(A, B, C) Students , Staff Members: Mrs. V, K. Patil, Staff of SASA, Mrs. S. V. Lohar, Mr. S. R. Kokne, Mr. V. J. Desai, Mrs, Kamble Madam (head-SASA), Mrs. G. D. Salunke, Mrs. S. P. Gopnarayan, Ms. P. D. Deosarkar , Ms. M. R. Wanjare &Mr.K.Bhange SASA Students
2. IV T. E [B]-E&Tc & Staff,CID Museum, Pashan on 06/10/2017Staff : Mrs. Vineeta Philip, Mrs. S. V. Lohar , Mrs. N. A. Deshmukh, , Mrs. M. R. Wanjre, Dr. R. P. Borole
E&Tc students & Staff,CID Museum, Pashan on 06/10/2017 SV E&Tc students & staff,Missionaries of Charity, Pune on 06/10/2017
1. S V at E&Tc staff,Missionaries of Charity, Pune on 06/10/2017 Dr. R. P. Borole, Mrs. N. A. Deshmukh, Mrs. Vineeta Philip, Mrs. M. R. Wanjre, Mrs. S. V. Lohar2.Mr. Dubey conducting session for students of TE A, B, C on Gate Examination Preparation organized under study circle of E&TC department by Mrs. V K Patil, Ms. A S Phatak and Mrs. R A Thakare on 22/09/2017.
1.Pune Techtrol Bhosari organized by Ms. A S Phatak TE A on 11/09/2017. Mr. S R Kokane, Ms. A S Phatak, Mrs. M P Sardey, Mr. C N Shukla, Mr. V N Ghodke, Mrs. N A Deshmukh and Mrs. H D Shinde.2.Expert lecture on ‘IOT based recent trends in mechatronics and real time examples conducted by Mr. MandarKhurjekar and organized by Ms A S Phatak, Mrs. M S Vanjale and Ms. S O Ahire for students of TE A,B,C
1.Expert lecture on ‘Industrial Automation’ conducted by Mr. Rajendra Joshi of Adroit Technologies and organized by Ms A S Phatak, Mrs. M S Vanjale and Ms. H D Shinde for students of TE A,B,C 2.Workshop on ‘Fundamentals of MATLAB programming’ conducted by Ms. T S Bodhe and organized by Ms A S Phatak and Ms. H D Shinde for students of TE A,B,C
1.Social Visit to Dadasaheb Natekar Vrudhashram, Chikhali, Pune.Organized by Mrs. H.B.Magar, Mrs.A.S.Ubale accompanied by Mr.R.N.Jadhav, Mr. R.V.Sadakale with BE A,B,C students.2.Expert Lecture on ‘PLC and SCADA’ for BE (A,B,C) by Mr.Sachin Kadam,organized by Mrs.H.B.Magar, Mrs.A.S.Ubale.Mr.R.V.Sadakale.
1.Prof. Venkat Ghodke as a Resource person in PES’s CoE Phaltan under Shivaji University Kolhapur.2.Expert Talk on Audio and Video Engineering for BE (E&TC Engg) by Dr G B Singh Organized by Prof V N Ghodke.
Expert Talk on Linux File system and System Programming for TE (A & B) E&TC Engg. By Mr. N.Pawar HYC Technologies Pune Organized by Prof V.N.Ghodke and Prof P. D. Deosarkar
1.Expert Talk on Linux File system and System Programming for TE (A & B) E&TC Engg. By Mr. N.Pawar HYC Technologies Pune Organized by Prof V.N.Ghodke and Prof P. D. Deosarkar.2.BSNL officials imparting state of knowledge in telecommunication domain on 4/4/2018 coordinated by Mrs .VK Patil.
1.Industrial visit at Police Wireless, Pashan 24/01/2018 Class-BE (A,B) Organized by-Ms.S.O.Ahire Attended by-Mrs.A.S.Ubale, Mrs.H.B.Magar.2.IV at SeamEdu 28/12/2017 Class-BE (A,B) Organized by- Mrs.H.D.Shinde,A.S.Phatak, Mr.C.K.Bhange. Attended by-Mrs.A.S.Ubale, Mrs.H.B.Magar.Ms.S.O.Ahire,Mrs.S.V.Lohar,Mrs.S.S.Nikam
1.IIT Bombay trained 25 students for two workshops (a) SMD soldering( b)Embedded systems.2. E&TC students and staff With Resource persons In the lab of IIT Bombay.
1.Thirty fabricated kits during were donated by IIT Bombay to AISSMS IOIT ,Pune. The Event was coordinated by Prof.Mrs. Varsha Patil.
2.CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE by Excel Technologies Pune for hands on practice for preparing mini projects
PCB Layout techniques with use of modern soft waresActivity of experiential learning by Hands on practice for soldering
1.Principal Dr P B Mane &Hod E&Tc D.r M P Sardey with BSNL officials coordinated by Mrs .VK Patil.2. Demonstration of projects by students at Regional Telecom Training centre of BSNL
Interaction with BSNL Regional Training centre officialsMOU with Digital Shark Instruments for Texas Instruments Innovation Lab
From L to R :Dr.M.P.Sardey, Dr P B Mane, Hon. Joint Secretary Mr Suresh P. Shinde ,Mr Kishore, Mr Prathmesh Ram,Texas Instruments Bangalore and Coordinator Mrs.V.K.Patil.
1.Texas symposium on advanced processors from 23/1/2018 to 25/01/20182.Student Participants with Principal ,Dr P B Mane sir, and Texas representatives Mr Rajesh ,Mr Mahesh
Dr.V.K.Bairagi presenting paper at FICC Singapore 5-6 April2018.Guest felicitation National level workshop “Antennas for modern wireless communication”01/02/2018
1. Dr.A.K.Sinha Resource person for National level workshop2.Hands-on session National level workshop “Antennas for modern wireless communication”01/02/2018.
“Best Innovation Awards – 2018” National Competition (Level II) held on 10th March at G.H. Raisoni College of Engineering