Tesla Club

TESLA -Technical Empowerment through Social Learning Abilities

On 31/10/2018, A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between All India Shri Shivaji Memorial Society’s Institute of Information Technology, Pune and Gram Gaurav Pratishthan, Khalad, Tal. Purandar, Dist. Pune. According to this MoU the students of IOIT will provide technical help to the Gram Gaurav Pratishthan for the progress and development of villages.

Dr. Sonali Shinde, Secretary of Gram Gaurav Pratishthan is working for the welfare of the farmers. The students of Techno-social club “TESLA – Technical Empowerment through Social Learning Abilities “will implement various projects and idea for the development of farmers.

The MoU was signed by the Principal Dr. P. B. Mane and Dr. Sonali Shinde. Dr. Yogesh Patil, Coordinator, TESLA Club and Prof. Sachin Kokane, Coordinator, NSS and TESLA Club members were present at the moment.

The list of the projects on various activities is as follows
1) Basic Electrical training to farmers of Khalad Village.
2) General Guidance to the students of school in Khalad.
3) Up-gradation of existing age old irrigation system (Syphon)
4) Automation of humidity controller for Mushroom Cultivation.
5) Finding best non-conventional energy source for Khalad.
6) Developing cost effective and convenient Intranet facility in Khalad.
7) Designing and simplifying technology for preparation of Activated Carbon.
8) Finding Medicinal values of Cassia-Tora (Takhla).
9) Crop ERP.
10) Preparing Fuel Bricks using lignocellulose.
11) Ethanol production from lignocellulose.
12) Soil and water testing of Nangaon village.
13) Finding the solution to decrease the salinity of soil on basis of the local habitation.
14) Implementing whirlpool turbine concept on the riverbed of Nangaon village.
15) Sophistication of Jaggery Production.
16) Erection of windmill / finding alternate energy source for water pumps in Nangaon.
17) Designing technology for off barring operations.
18) Evolving technology for Earthing up operation.
19) Making compact and cost effective power tiller.
20) Designing stubble shaver for crops.
21) Automating the operation of Spade.
22) Advancing mini harvester.
23) Designing manual grass cutter.
24) Developing an app for Blood Donors.
25) Nangaon Solid waste management.


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