About Skill Development Center

Name: – Prof. Mahesh Nigade
CNC Skill Development Coordinator
Designation: Workshop Superintendent
Qualification:-B.E. (Prod.) M.E. (Design Engg.)
Experience:-08Yrs Teaching & 10yrs Industrial


Sr.No. Name of the Staff Designation
1. Prof. M. B. Nigade Workshop Superintendent
2. Dr. Y. P. Patil Associate Professor
3. Prof. A. H. Raheja Assistant Professor
4. Prof. A. S. Apate Assistant Professor


In the direction of attaining the goal of being one of the best turnkey solutions provider in the global market by rendering engineering solutions to our clients. We at AISSMS IOIT have successfully advanced with many entrepreneurship initiatives, consultancies and skill development centre.

“The Lab” one of our prosperous entrepreneurship creativity, associates with Embedded Systems, PCB Design and Manufacture, Electronics System Design, Robotics, Automation etc. We focus mainly on research and development. We are also working in the field agricultural tools, development, home automation and educational products and packages.

Progressing on a way towards increasing the industry-institute interaction, our Electrical Department has started to carry out Power Audit’s for industries as well as public buildings in around Maharashtra.

To develop employability skills in students and graduates, we have come up with different skill development courses. CNC training centre has been started under Engineering Science Department. The centre has capacity to conduct two batches of 20 students each course separately.

For more details visit below page: https://aissmscnctrainingcentre.wordpress.com https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChaAmFtZJDb_bv1aq_7-qaQ


CNC Skill Development Centre aims’ towards empowering youth to enhance the industry ready skills for better employability opportunities in the era of emerging technologies


The trainee will be able to,

  • explain the CNC & VMC fundamentals
  • identify the material and select tool for CNC & VMC machining
  • analyse the component and demonstrate CNC& VMC part programming


The trainee will be able to,

  • describe and compare the CNC & VMC machine over the conventional machines
  • illustrate material properties of the component and select tool for machining
  • develop CNC & VMC part program


                       CNC Turning Centre (Super Turn)             VMC Machining Centre(Super Mill)




Sr. No CNC Turning Centre VMC Machining Centre
1. 200mm Swing over bed 200mm X axis Travel
2. 70mm Swing over Carriage 160mm Y axis Travel
3. 32mm Distance between Centers 175mm Z axis Travel
4. 300mm max. Longitudinal Travel 225mm Spindle to table


Inaugeration of CNC Skill Development Centre Demonstration on CNC Machine


Inaugeration of CNC Skill Development Centre Demonstration on CNC Machine


Demonstration on VMC machine Interaction with industry experts