Placement Report 2020-21

List of companies visited campus
Recruitment Opportunities given to students for Academic Year: 2020-2021
Sr. No. Name of The Companies Department
1 Birlasoft BE Computer, IT, E&TC, Electronics, Electrical
2 L&T Infotech BE All Branches
3 Jio Platforms Limited B.E. Computer Science, Information Technology, E&TC.
4 Winjit Technologies Pvt. Ltd. BE Computer,  IT
5 Evosys Mastek Ltd. BE Computer, IT,  E&TC
6 Hexaware Technologies limited BE Computer /IT /E&TC /Electrical /Instrumentation
7 NTT DATA BE Computer,  IT
8 Amazon BE All Branches
9 Astra Autolities BE Computer, IT, E&TC,
10 Bharat Electronics BE Computer, IT, E&TC,
11 iAsys Technologies BE Computer, E&TC, IT
12 Infosys BE Computer,  IT
13 Cognizant BE Computer, E&TC, IT, Electrical
14 Future Automation Pvt. Ltd., BE Instrumentation
15 FERRERO IND PVT LTD BE Instrumentation
16 Swaraj News BE Instrumentation
17 Lucas TVS PVT LTD BE Instrumentation
18 Insights success media and techno pvt ltd BE Instrumentation
19 Scope International BE Instrumentation
20 Genius Polymer Industries BE Instrumentation
21 Vanguard Engineers BE Instrumentation
22 Hitachi Consulting BE Computer,  IT
23 Nihilent Technologies BE Computer, IT, E&TC,
24 TCS BE All Branches
25 Persistent Systems BE Computer,  IT
26 BTOSC Infotech BE Computer,  IT
27 Qualitykiosk Technologies Pvt. Ltd. BE Computer, IT, E&TC,
28 Datametica Solutions Pvt. Ltd. BE Computer,  IT
29 Eccentric Engine BE Computer,  IT
30 Accops Systems BE Computer,  IT
31 XDBS BE Electronics
32 Coriolis Technologies Pvt. Ltd. BE All Branches
33 Wiley m three BE Computer,  IT
34 Talent Serve BE Computer,  IT
35 K-12 Techno services BE Computer, IT, E&TC,
36 Neilsoft BE Electrical, Mechanical , Civil
37 TALKD Pvt. Ltd. BE All Branches
38 Enzigma Software Pvt. Ltd. BE Computer,  IT
39 Goldmansach BE & TE All Branches
40 Virtusa Consulting BE All Branches
41 Juspay BE Computer, IT, Electronics, Electrical
42 Google BE All Branches
43 WNS BE Computer, IT,
44 Societe Generale BE Computer, IT, E&TC, Electrical.
45 Morgan Stanley BE All Branches
46 Cisco BE Computer, IT,
47 J P Morgan Chase BE & TE All Branches
48 Microsoft BE All Branches
49 Walkover BE All Branches
50 Flextronics BE All Branches
51 PayPal BE All Branches
52 Hewlett Packard(HP) BE Comp, IT, E&TC, Elex, Electrical,
53 BE All Branches
54 NCR Corporation Ltd. BE All Branches
55 QuestIngenium BE All Branches
56 Saama Technologies BE All Branches
57 Evosys Mastek Ltd. BE & ME All Branches
58 X L Dynamics
59 BNY Mellon BE Comp,  IT, E&TC, Electrical , Instru,
60 Bentley Systems BE Computer, IT,
61 Udchalo Up Curve Business Services BE Comp,  IT, E&TC,
62 Coditas Solutins ME All Branches
63 Aventior BE Computer, IT,
64 Unitelworks BE All Branches
65 General Electric BE Computer, IT,
66 Bitwise BE Computer, IT,
67 Webtech Developers Pvt. Ltd, BE Computer, IT,
68 Tudip Technologies BE Computer, IT,
69 Square Yards All Streams
70 eClerx All Streams
71 Mobigic Technologies Pvt. Ltd. All Streams
72 e-Zest Solutions Ltd., BE Comp,  IT, E&TC, Elex
73 Teradata BE Computer, IT,
74 Vighnaharta Technologies Pvt. Ltd BE E&TC, Elex, Instru
75 Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. BE Electronics, E&TC, Electrical, Instrumentation
76 Pune Based Leading Software MNC BE Comp,  IT, E&TC, Elex
77 TCS NQT BE Comp,  IT, E&TC, Electrical ,
78 Sap Engineers & Consultants BE Instrumentation
79 Xoriant BE Computer, IT,
80 Credit Suisse BE Computer, IT,
81 Wipro BE Computer, IT
82 Atos Syntel BE Computer, IT,E&TC, Instru, Elex.
83 Sankey Solutions BE All Branches
84 Victory Precision BE Electrical, Mechanical
85 e clerx Services BE All Branches
86 Ryka Engineering Solutions BE Instrumentation
87 Rudder Analytics BE All Branches
88 KPIT BE Electrical, Mechanical
89 Automation edge pvt Ltd BE Computer, IT
90  Godrej Infotech BE All Branches
91 Johnson Control BE All Branches
92 FIS Global BE Computer, IT
93 EPAM Systems BE Computer, IT
94 Mediaagility BE Computer, IT
95 Accenture BE All Branches
96 Atos Global BE All Branches
97 Verbruggen BE All Branches
98 Tech Mahindra BE All Branches
99 Capgemini BE All Branches
100 Allscripts BE Computer, IT, E&TC
101 Muelex Electronics BE Electronics
102 Concentrix BE All Branches
103 Nainko Eximo Pvt. Ltd. BE All Branches
104 Eltech  Electrodesien & Energy System Pvt. Ltd. BE All Branches
105 Mindtree BE All Branches
106 Vistaar Systems Pvt. Ltd., BE All Branches
107 APTARA BE All Branches
108 Raykor Technologies BE Computer, IT, E&TC
109 Pushkaraj Consultancy BE Civil
110 Sony India BE All Branches
111 Raja Software Labs BE Computer, IT
112 MKCL BE Computer, IT, E&TC
113 EY Technology BE Computer, IT
114 Ace Turtle Serveces Ltd BE Computer, IT
115 T Systems BE Computer, IT
116 Sama Technologys BE All Branches
117 Bajaj Finserve BE Computer, IT
118 EMTEC Technologies BE Computer, IT
119 Quinnox BE Computer, IT
120 Smiths Group BE Computer, IT, Electrical, Electronics
121 Etech Global BE Computer, IT, Electronics
122 NBCC India Ltd. BE Civil, Electrical
123 Republic TV BE All Branches
124 Vuclip Media Technology BE Computer, IT, E&TC, Electronics
125 Jindal Steel & Power BE Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation .
126 Neova Tech Solutions BE Computer, IT
127 Bristlecone BE Computer, IT, E&TC, Electronics
128 Barclays BE All Branches
129 Kalgudi BE Computer, IT
130 Silicon Labs BE Computer, IT, E&TC, Electrical, Electronics
131 BYJU’S BE All Branches
132 Bolt Lo T BE All Branches
133 Qdent Technology BE All Branches
134 Conde nast BE All Branches
135 Nimap Infotech LLP BE All Branches
136 Tata Electronics BE All Branches
137 Larsen & Turbo BE All Branches
138 Standard Chartered Bank BE Computer, IT, E&TC, Electrical, Electronics
139 Mobigic Technologies BE All Branches
140 Vyomlabs Pvt. Ltd. BE Computer, IT, E&TC
141 NMDC Ltd. BE All Branches
142 Global Talent Track BE All Branches
143 Extentia Information Technology BE All Branches
144 Edulastic BE Computer, IT
145 Pubmatic BE Computer, IT
146 Agiliad Technologies Pvt. Ltd. BE Computer, IT
147 IBM BE Computer, IT
148 Justlogic BE Computer, IT
149 Codemaster BE Computer, IT
150 Meta Design Software BE Computer, IT
151 Data Axle Solutions Pvt. Ltd. BE Computer, IT
152 Globant BE Computer, IT
153 Beauto Systems BE All Branches
154 K-star Plastic Industries BE All Branches
155  Envision Automation BE All Branches
156 Airbus Group India Pvt. Ltd. BE Computer, IT
157 eClerx Services LTD. BE Computer, IT, E&TC
158 Mphasis BE Computer, IT, E&TC
159 Pinclick BE Computer, IT, E&TC
161 Insud Pharma BE Computer, IT
162 Revature BE Computer, IT, E&TC
163 White Hat Junior BE All Branches
164 Expleo Group BE Computer, IT, E&TC
165 RIA Advisory BE Computer, IT, E&TC
166 SAS R&D BE Computer, IT
167 Schneider Electric BE Instrumentation
168 Apisero BE E&TC
169 Eloquent Info Solutins Pvt. Ltd. BE E&TC
170 AIT Global India Pvt. Ltd. BE E&TC
171 Work India Pvt. Ltd. BE E&TC
172 MTX IT Consulting Services Pvt.Ltd. BE E&TC
173 Paysquare Consultancy BE E&TC
174 Web MD BE IT
175 Sinteg Technologies BE Instrumentation
176 Infostretch Pvt. Ltd. BE E&TC
177 Avaya BE Computer
178 Asian Paints BE IT
179 GGK Technology Pvt. Ltd. BE E&TC
180 Neosoft BE IT


Sr. No. Student Name Branch Company Name
1 Adinath Dattaram Dukare Computer Birlasoft
2 Akash Rajesh Thakare Computer Birlasoft
3 Divya Dinesh Pathak Computer Birlasoft
4 Deep Yogesh Patadiya Computer Birlasoft
5 Vinay Hiroo Surtani Computer Birlasoft
6 Vaidehi Sudhir Patil Computer Birlasoft
7 Vivek Wagaj Computer Birlasoft
8 Yash Sanjay Shende Computer Birlasoft
9 Yash Jitendra Kasat Computer Birlasoft
10 NIKHIL RAMDAS MANDALE Computer Birlasoft
11 Aniket Nargotra Computer Birlasoft
12 Annette Thankachan John Computer Birlasoft
13 Neha Sham Nilajkar E&TC Birlasoft
14 Amol Shivnath Suradkar IT Birlasoft
15 Atharva Rajesh Shewale IT Birlasoft
16 Durvesh Umesh Palkar IT Birlasoft
17 Rupam Anil Patil IT Birlasoft
18 Hrishikesh Shridhar Joshi IT Birlasoft
19 Tithi Choudhary IT Birlasoft
20 Aaditya Mankar Computer L&T Infotech
21 Danesh Adil Pagdiwalla Computer L&T Infotech
22 Snehal Bhanudas Wadode Computer L&T Infotech
23 Sonam Sunil Zirpe Computer L&T Infotech
24 Annette John Computer L&T Infotech
25 Apurva Rahul Itkarkar Computer L&T Infotech
26 KAKSHI VILAS DONGRE Computer L&T Infotech
27 N V Roshni E&TC L&T Infotech
29 Samiksha Sarkar E&TC L&T Infotech
30 Vedashree Praveen Nilare E&TC L&T Infotech
31 Shrinivas Kendre IT L&T Infotech
32 Riya Makhija IT L&T Infotech
33 Krishna Sonawane IT L&T Infotech
34 Tithi Choudhary IT L&T Infotech
35 Vranda Gupta Computer Jio Platforms Limited
36 Sakshi Naik (No name in Stud.Data) Computer Jio Platforms Limited
37 Mrunmay Pathe IT Jio Platforms Limited
38 Akshada Shelar Computer Winjit Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
39 Sharon  Raju Computer Winjit Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
40 Abhishek Gaikwad Computer Winjit Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
41 Ritika Sahsani Computer Winjit Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
42 Pritam  Bagad IT Winjit Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
43 Vaishnavi Jeure Computer Winjit Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
44 Datta Supekar Computer Winjit Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
45  Ritesh Choudhary IT Winjit Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
46 Sayali Patil Computer Winjit Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
47 NEHA GHOLE Computer Winjit Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
48 Sarthak Badgujar Computer Winjit Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
49 Tanmay Harshe Computer Winjit Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
50 Priyansh Jain Computer Winjit Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
51 Abhishek Gaikwad Computer Evosys Mastek Ltd.
52 Nehal Gholse E&TC Evosys Mastek Ltd.
53 Priyansh Jain Computer Hexaware Technologies limited
54 Ritu Narayani Computer Hexaware Technologies limited
55 Vaishnavi Anil Vajrkar E&TC Hexaware Technologies limited
56 Sarthak Badgujar Computer Hexaware Technologies limited
57 Evana Mariam  Thomas Computer NTT DATA
58 Annette Thankachan John Computer NTT DATA
59 Harshit  Pandey Computer NTT DATA
60 Ruturaj Sushil Ghodke Computer NTT DATA
62 Archana Kashid E&TC Amazon Development Center Pvt Ltd.
63 Mayuri Khedkar E&TC Amazon Development Center Pvt Ltd.
64 Dusane Shruti IT Amazon Development Center Pvt Ltd.
65 Pooja G. Bharati E&TC Astra Autolities
66 Prajakta Hoval E&TC Bharat Electronics
67 Supekar Datta Rajendra Computer iAsys Technologies
68 Kadam Ajinkya IT Infosys
69 Dimpal Pimpalshende Computer Cognizant
70 Komal  Supekar Computer Cognizant
71 Prem Pawar Computer Cognizant
72 Shubham Nadhavale Computer Cognizant
73 Vaidehi Patil Computer Cognizant
74 Vranda Gupta Computer Cognizant
75 Ajit Patare Computer Cognizant
76 Shreya Sawant Computer Cognizant
77 Ruturaj Ghodke Computer Cognizant
78 Vinay Surtani Computer Cognizant
79 Sanskruti Pardeshi Computer Cognizant
80 Ritu Narayani Computer Cognizant
81 Annette John Computer Cognizant
82 Guruprasad Tupe Computer Cognizant
83 Gholap Siddhesh Rajesh Computer Cognizant
84 Evana Mariam Computer Cognizant
85 Atharva Pawar E&TC Cognizant
86 Aditi Khaire E&TC Cognizant
87 Soumya Bhadani E&TC Cognizant
88 Roshni Naduvile Veetil E&TC Cognizant
89 Gaurav Kolhe E&TC Cognizant
90 Vedita Kharabe E&TC Cognizant
91 Devashish Kopargaonkar E&TC Cognizant
92 Durvesh Palkar IT Cognizant
93 Tithi Choudhary IT Cognizant
94 Pritam Bagad IT Cognizant
95 Aditya Pawar IT Cognizant
96 Ritesh Choudhary IT Cognizant
97 Prathmesh Mohite IT Cognizant
98 Somnath Patil Instrumentation Future Automation Pvt. Ltd.,
99 Vishal Thengal Instrumentation FERRERO IND PVT LTD
100 Ojas Nikumbh Instrumentation Swaraj News
101 Akanksha Wattamwar Instrumentation Lucas TVS PVT LTD
102 Prajwal Zurunge Instrumentation Insights success media and techno pvt ltd
103 Sarvesh Patil Instrumentation Scope International
104 Abhishek Kadam Instrumentation Genius Polymer Industries
105 Rutvij Mahamuni Instrumentation Vanguard Engineers
106 Harshit Pandey Computer Hitachi Consulting
107 Guruprasad Babasaheb Tupe Computer Nihilent Technologies
108 Ramkrishna R. Kakani Computer Nihilent Technologies
109 Kanaad Sanjay Rampurkar Computer Nihilent Technologies
110 Aakanksha Sonawane IT Nihilent Technologies
111 Vaishnavi Vilas More IT Nihilent Technologies
112 Ritesh Mangilal Choudhary IT Nihilent Technologies
113 Gayatri Jadhav E&TC Nihilent Technologies
114 Shradha Mungase E&TC Nihilent Technologies
115 Adinath Dattaram Dukare Computer TCS
116 Aditi Acharya E&TC TCS
117 Ajay Shyamlal Jangid IT TCS
118 Alister Fernandes IT TCS
119 Apeksha Deepak Upale E&TC TCS
120 Apurva Rahul Itkarkar Computer TCS
121 Atharva Shewale IT TCS
122 Datta Rajendra Supekar Computer TCS
123 Durvesh Palkar IT TCS
124 Evana Mariam Thomas Computer TCS
125 Guruprasad Tupe Computer TCS
126 Harshavardhan Chandrashekar Sidagam E&TC TCS
127 Harshit Pandey Computer TCS
128 Janhavi Dhope Computer TCS
129 Neha Vijay Ghole Computer TCS
130 Nikhil Mandale Computer TCS
131 Nikhil Singh Computer TCS
132 Pooja Khandelwal Computer TCS
133 Prathmesh Mohite IT TCS
134 Pritam Bagad IT TCS
135 Priyansh Jain Computer TCS
136 Puja Baburao Kasture IT TCS
137 Purva Karunakar Shetty E&TC TCS
138 Ramkrishna Kakani Computer TCS
139 Ritesh Choudhary IT TCS
140 Ritika Sahsani Computer TCS
141 Ruturaj Ghodke Computer TCS
142 Sanskruti Pardeshi Computer TCS
143 Shubham Chaudhari IT TCS
144 Shubham Nadhavale Computer TCS
145 Shweta Rajendra Jagtap Computer TCS
146 Siddhant Pravin Lunawat IT TCS
147 Sonam Sunil Zirpe Computer TCS
149 Sunil Mahadev Pattar E&TC TCS
152 Vaidehi Patil Computer TCS
153 Vaishnavi Vajirkar E&TC TCS
154 Vaishnavi Vilas More IT TCS
155 Vedita Kharabe E&TC TCS
156 Sakshi Deshmukh E&TC TCS
157 Sayali Bhosale E&TC TCS
158 Waykole Prasad Electrical TCS
159 Jagrati Chaudhary E&TC TCS
160 Harshit Pandey Computer Cognizant
161 Vinit Shah Computer Cognizant
162 Roshni Naduvile Veetil E&TC TCS
163 Neha Sham Nilajkar E&TC TCS
164 Sanjana Dutta E&TC TCS
165 Abhishek Gaikwad Computer Persistent Systems
166 Aditya Mankar Computer Persistent Systems
167 Ruturaj Ghodke Computer Persistent Systems
168 Ajinkya Nikam Computer BTOSC Infotech
169 Ankush Chandrashekhar Muley E&TC Qualitykiosk Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
170  Sumant Nagarkar E&TC Qualitykiosk Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
171  Shubham Dilip Dalvi Computer Qualitykiosk Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
172  Rucha Khartadkar IT Qualitykiosk Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
173  Rutuja Surdi IT Qualitykiosk Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
174  Samiksha Sarkar E&TC Qualitykiosk Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
175 Tanvi Patil Computer Qualitykiosk Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
176 Vaishnavi Jadhav IT Qualitykiosk Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
177 Shubham Chaudhari IT Datametica Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
178 GuruprasadTupe Computer Datametica Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
179 Atharva Shewale IT Datametica Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
180 Gauri Sangale Computer Datametica Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
181 Apurva Itkarkar AISSMS IOIT BE (Com) 2021 Batch Computer Datametica Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
182 Surabhi Kungare Computer Datametica Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
183 Tanmay Harshe Computer Datametica Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
184 Mayuri Thorat Computer Datametica Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
185 Priyanka Gaikwad Computer Datametica Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
186 Sunny Wable Computer Datametica Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
187 Shraddha Kachare Computer Datametica Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
188 Ritika Sahsani Computer Datametica Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
189 Rucha Khartadkar IT Datametica Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
190 Ajit Patare Computer Datametica Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
191 Siddharth Nilakhe Computer Eccentric Engine
192 Vivek Wagaj Computer Accops Systems
193 Atharva Shewale IT Accops Systems
194 Onkar Patole E&TC Qualitykiosk Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
195 Manasi Jagatap IT Qualitykiosk Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
196 Ajinkya Kadam IT Qualitykiosk Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
197 Nikita Gore Computer Qualitykiosk Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
198 Sunny Wable Computer Qualitykiosk Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
199 Mayuri Thorat Computer Qualitykiosk Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
200 Aditya Shinde Computer Qualitykiosk Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
201 Mehul Ingale Computer Qualitykiosk Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
202 Nidhi Shah IT Qualitykiosk Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
203 Ishan Chugh E&TC Qualitykiosk Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
204 Ketan Sharma Electronics XDBS
205 Akshay Aipatwar Electronics Amazon
206 Tanmay Harshe Computer Coriolis Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
207 Vaidehi Patil Computer Datametica Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
208 Priyansh Jain Computer Datametica Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
209 Sayali Patil Computer Datametica Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
210 Keshav Katkar Computer Datametica Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
211 Aditya Adkar IT Amazon
212 Anand Wagh E&TC Amazon
213 Arjun Pendharkar IT Amazon
214 Arpit Ghate Electrical Amazon
216 Bhargav Kakade E&TC Amazon
217 Pooja Deshmukh E&TC Amazon
218 Vranda Gupta Computer Amazon
219 Altamashali Qureshi Instrumentation Amazon
221 Sakshi Deshmukh E&TC Amazon
222 Richa Sirwani IT Amazon
223 Soni Salgar E&TC Amazon
224 Sumant Nagarkar E&TC Amazon
225 Surabhi Kungare Computer Amazon
226 Tanvi Patil Computer Amazon
227 Vishwadi pIngale IT Amazon
228 Sejal Oswal Computer Amazon
229 Vivek Wagaj Computer Wiley m three
230 Satyam Deshmukh Computer Talent Serve
231 Shrutika B. Daphal E&TC K-12 Techno services
232 Shubham S. Khaire Electrical Neilsoft
233 Sushant Londhe Electrical Neilsoft
234 Komal Daundkar Computer TALKD Pvt. Ltd.
235 Bhushan Valecha E&TC TALKD Pvt. Ltd.
236 Akanksha Sonawane IT TALKD Pvt. Ltd.
237 Siddharth Kapase Instrumentation TALKD Pvt. Ltd.
238 Nehal Gholse E&TC TCS
239 Faisal Khan E&TC TCS
240 Khan Nida E&TC TCS
241 Anway shailesh Tiwari E&TC TCS
242 Vaibhav Sakharam kolekar E&TC TCS
243 Nikhil Anil Mane E&TC TCS
244 Aditya Kandhare E&TC TCS
245 Sharwari pimparkar Electrical TCS
246 Kalyani Patil Computer Enzigma Software Pvt. Ltd.
247 Aditya Kandhare E&TC Coditas Solutions
248 Rutuja Hulsure Computer Coditas Solutions
249 Sanket Gulhane Computer Coditas Solutions
250 Ajinkya Kadam IT Bitwise
251 Ramkrishna Kakani Computer Bitwise
252 Sharvari Pimparkar Electrical Neilsoft
253 Changan Piyush Mohan E&TC Square Yards
254 Meena Kasbekar E&TC Square Yards
255 Faisal Khan E&TC Square Yards
256 Gargee Ganesh Auti Electrical Square Yards
257 Aakanksha Sonawane IT Square Yards
258 Bhushan Nareshlal Valecha E&TC Square Yards
259 Yash Shende Computer Square Yards
260 Pragati Ingole E&TC Square Yards
261 Vaishnavi Kasturkar E&TC Square Yards
262 Tanvi Sachin Patil Computer Square Yards
263 Abhilash Singh Negi E&TC Square Yards
264 Pratik Gatane E&TC Square Yards
265 Susmita Gade Computer Square Yards
266 Akshay Upadhyay E&TC Square Yards
267 SHREYA GHOSALKAR Instrumentation Square Yards
268 Pranav Sunil Dalvi Instrumentation Square Yards
269 Tanvi Ranjan Patil E&TC Square Yards
270 Aahan Devadiga E&TC Square Yards
271 Shubham Ahire Electrical Square Yards
272 Pratiksha ashok pandhare Computer Square Yards
273 Nimisha Gutte E&TC Square Yards
274 Neha Mishra Computer Tudip Technologies
275 Shruti Shaha E&TC Tudip Technologies
276 Aniket H. More E&TC Tudip Technologies
277 Viraj Kulkarni E&TC Tudip Technologies
278 Vaishnavi Jadhav IT e clerx
279 Amir Pathan E&TC e clerx
280 Aditya Baradkar Instrumentation Sap Engineers & Consultants
281 Richa Sirwani IT Xoriant
282 Durvesh Umesh Palkar IT Xoriant
283 Amol Shivnath Suradkar IT Xoriant
284 Shweta Rajendra Jagtap Computer Xoriant
285 Nikita Gore Computer Wipro
286 Himanshu Randad IT Wipro
287 Deep Gundhecha IT Wipro
288 Devashish Kopargaonkar E&TC Wipro
289 Soham Lambate E&TC Wipro
290 Vedita Kharabe E&TC Wipro
291 Rachit Deo Computer Wipro
292 Sonali Gohil IT Atos Syntel
293 Sanika More Computer Sankey Solutions
294 Mansi Sonawane Electrical Victory Precision Pvt. Ltd.
295 Satyam Deshmukh Computer e Clerx
296 Ayesha Bellary Computer e Clerx
297 Vishal Jambagi Instrumentation Ryka Engineering Solutions
298 Anette John Computer Credit Suisse
299 Sejal Oswal Computer Credit Suisse
300 Arati Jadhav Computer Teradata
301 Soleha Magdum Computer Teradata
302 Yash Shende Computer Rudder Analytics
303 Pranav Purushottam Govekar Electrical KPIT
304 Neha Sunil Pandharkar Computer Automation edge pvt Ltd
305 Tithi Choudhary IT FIS Global
306 Vranda Gupta Computer FIS Global
307 Sanika More Computer Godrej Infotech
308 Sachin Shinde E&TC Johnson Control
309 Sharwari Ambegaonkar E&TC Johnson Control
310 Yash Gawade E&TC Johnson Control
311 Soni Salgar E&TC Johnson Control
312 Aditya Baradkar Instrumentation Johnson Control
313 Altamashali Qureshi Instrumentation Johnson Control
314 Pranoti More Computer EPAM Systems
315 Pratik Kumbhar E&TC Hexaware Technologies limited
316 Atal Deshmukh IT Hexaware Technologies limited
317 Mangal Gaikwad E&TC Hexaware Technologies limited
318 Shrusti Rudrawar Computer FIS Global
319 Yogita Munge IT Sankey Solutions
320 Nishigandha Chavan IT Sankey Solutions
321 Mayank Manoj Gijre E&TC Infosys
323 Gauravi Avinash Joshi IT Infosys
324 Ruksar Rafique Lukade E&TC Infosys
325 Rohit Sudhir Kharche IT Infosys
326 Sharwari Ambegaonkar E&TC Infosys
327 Pratik Surendra Nath Computer Infosys
329 Ankush Chandrashekhar Muley E&TC Infosys
330 Atharva Santosh Pawar E&TC Infosys
331 Devashish Mohan Kopargaonkar E&TC Infosys
332 Ramkrishna Rameshkumar Kakani Computer Infosys
333 Shrushti Subhash Rudrawar Computer Infosys
334 Atal Deshmukh IT Infosys
335 Faisal Khan E&TC Infosys
336 Aniket Gangadhar Nakkawar E&TC Infosys
337 Sanket Santosh Pendalwar E&TC Infosys
338 Prathmesh Pravin Mohite IT Infosys
339 Rachit Ajay Deo Computer Infosys
340 Rajat Dighade E&TC Infosys
341 Adinath Dattaram Dukare Computer Infosys
342 Somesh Sanjay Biradar E&TC Infosys
343 Vedang Ganesh Choudhari E&TC Infosys
344 Prem Narayan Pawar Computer Infosys
345 Shubham Rajaram Gaikwad E&TC Infosys
346 Shrutika Balasaheb Daphal E&TC Infosys
347 Sharon Raju Computer Infosys
348 Onkar Dilip Patole E&TC Infosys
349 Pal Manojkumar Chotelal E&TC Infosys
350 SURABHI MAHESH PATIL Computer Infosys
351 Datta Rajendra Supekar Computer Infosys
352 PRANAV SUNIL DALVI Instrumentation Infosys
353 Suman Goswami IT Infosys
354 Nidhi Shah IT Mediaagility
355 Sakshi Naik Computer Mediaagility
356 Somesh Biradar E&TC Accenture
357 Sayali Bhosale E&TC Accenture
358 Kritika Mishra E&TC Accenture
359 Vaishnavi Vajirkar E&TC Accenture
360 Soni Salgar E&TC Accenture
361 Soumya Bhadani E&TC Accenture
362 Vaishnav Jeure Computer Accenture
363 Deep Gundhecha IT Accenture
364 Nidhi Shah IT Accenture
365 Ekta Bhushan IT Accenture
366 Krishna Sonawane IT Accenture
367 Aditya Adkar IT Accenture
368 Sapana Mudhe Electrical Accenture
369 Apoorva Kshirsagar Electrical Accenture
370 Aaditya Mankar Computer L&T Infotech
371 Kakshi Dongre Computer L&T Infotech
372 Apurva Itkarkar Computer L&T Infotech
373 Purva Shaha Computer Mediaagility
374 Sanskruti Pardeshi Computer L&T Infotech
375 Prajwal M. Memane E&TC Godrej & Boyce
376 Shubham Khaire E&TC Godrej & Boyce
377 Sourabh S. Kumbhar E&TC Godrej & Boyce
378 Shradha Mungase E&TC Atos Global
379 Sanskruti Pardeshi Computer FIS Global
380 Somnath Patil Instrumentation Verbruggen
381 Sumant Nagarkar E&TC Tech Mahindra
382 Sejal Oswal Computer Tech Mahindra
383 Vivek Wagaj Computer Tech Mahindra
384 Shrushti Subhash Rudrawar Computer Tech Mahindra
385 Ansari Ushba E&TC Tech Mahindra
386 Pandharkar Neha Computer e zest
387 Abhilash Singh Negi E&TC e zest
388 Tanvi Patil Computer e zest
389 Sonam Sunil Zirpe Computer e zest
390 Vivek Wagaj Computer Morgan Stanley
391 Sharon Raju Computer FIS Global
392 Vivek Wagaj Computer Morgan Stanley
393 Sharon Raju Computer FIS Global
394 Komal  Supekar Computer FIS Global
395 Sonam Sunil Zirpe Computer FIS Global
396 Sayali Bhosale E&TC Capgemini
397 Soni Salgar E&TC Capgemini
398 Sonam Sunil Zirpe Computer Capgemini
399 Manasi Khairnar Electrical Capgemini
400 Tanvi Sawant E&TC Capgemini
401 Mrunali Gorde IT Capgemini
402 Sahana Kulkarni Instrumentation Capgemini
403 Abhilash Singh Negi E&TC Allscripts
404 Ajit Gupta Computer e zest
405 Manasi Sonawane Electrical Capgemini
406 Aditi Acharya E&TC Capgemini
407 Sanika More Computer Mediaagility
408 Vivek Shivaji Ingale Electronics Muelex Electronics
409 Namrata Mane Electronics Concentrix
410 Anil Koli E&TC Nainko Eximo Pvt. Ltd.
411 Hrushikesh Kadam E&TC Eltech  Electrodesien & Energy System Pvt. Ltd.
412 Aditya Shinde Computer FIS Global
413 Snehal Songare IT Mindtree
414 Ramkrushna Kakani Computer Mindtree
415 Rupam Anil Patil IT e zest
416 Shivani Jadhav Instrumentation e zest
417 Adinath D. Dukare Computer Allscripts
418 Ramkrishna Kakani Computer Allscripts
419 Aditi Yadav Computer Allscripts
420 Yash Gawade E&TC Capgemini
421 Soumya Bhadani E&TC Capgemini
422 Omkar Hadawale E&TC Capgemini
423 Vaishnav Jeure Computer Capgemini
424 Anand Shivaji Ransing Computer Allscripts
425 SHREYA GHOSALKAR Instrumentation Codex Healthcare Pvt. Ltd
426 Neha Adne IT Justlogic
427 Ashlesh Chincholkar IT Codemaster
428 Sushant Kashinath Gaikwad IT Codemaster
429 Pratiksha More IT Infosys
430 Piyush P. Gaikwad Electrical eClerx Services LTD.
431 Aniket Bordekar Instrumentation eClerx Services LTD.
432 Vanshika Singh IT eClerx Services LTD.
433 Shubham D. Dalvi Computer eClerx Services LTD.
434 Pratiksha Munot Computer eClerx Services LTD.
435 Harsh S. Ingale Electrical eClerx Services LTD.
436 Pratiksha Patle E&TC eClerx Services LTD.
437 Mayuresh K. Khatavkar E&TC eClerx Services LTD.
438 Arnab Bit Computer Meta Design Software
439 Shrikant Irmalwar Instrumentation Data Axle Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
440 Vaishnav Jeure Computer Mediaagility
441 Richa Sirwani IT Pubmatic
442 Shubham Nadhavale Computer Agiliad Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
443 Snehal Songare IT Agiliad Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
444 Bhushan Valecha E&TC Saama Technologies
445 Shivam Computer Infosys
446 Ekta Bhushan IT Infosys
447 Sayali Patil Computer IBM
448 Annette Thankachan John Computer IBM
449 Rupam Anil Patil IT T systems
450 Tithi Choudhary IT T systems
451 Abhishek Jayant Wandhare E&TC Extentia Information Technology
452 Susmita Gade Computer Globant
453 Mugdha Manerikar Instrumentation Beauto Systems
454 Abhishek Kadam Instrumentation K-star Plastic Industries
455 Gauri Deshmukh Instrumentation Envision Automation
456 Nidhi Shah IT Airbus Group India Pvt. Ltd.
457 Abhishek Jayant Wandhare E&TC eClerx Services LTD.
458 Vaidehee Naraje E&TC eClerx Services LTD.
459 Nimisha Gutte E&TC eClerx Services LTD.
460 Pratiksha Satish Patle E&TC Extentia Information Technology
461 Ansari Ushba E&TC Mphasis
462 Sameer Niswade Computer Infosys
463 Pranav Govekar Electrical Infosys
464 Chaudhary Jagrati E&TC Infosys
465 Samiksha Vijay Patil E&TC Infosys
466 Soni Salgar E&TC Infosys
467 Avanti Sawant E&TC Infosys
468 Purwa Kurunakar Shetty E&TC Infosys
469 Hrishikesh Arvind Dehmukh E&TC Pinclick
470 Aniket Bordekar Instrumentation Mindtree
471 Kaushal Parmar Computer Extentia Information Technology
472 Ajit Patare Computer Insud Pharma
473 Suraj Pandit Nitture Computer FIS Global
474 Muskaan Shaikh IT Airbus Group India Pvt. Ltd.
475 Aditya Pawar IT Accenture
476 Rajat Dighade E&TC Accenture
477 Shubham Nadhavale Computer Accenture
478 Siddhesh Gholap Computer Accenture
479 Nikita Popatrao Gore Computer Accenture
480 Tanvi Sachin Patil Computer Accenture
481 Atharva Santosh Pawar E&TC Accenture
482 Sanjana Magar Electrical Accenture
483 Sayali Namadev Patil Computer Accenture
484 Harshavardhan Chandrashekar Sidagam E&TC Accenture
485 Anway Shailesh Tiwari E&TC Accenture
486 Abhilash Singh Negi E&TC Accenture
487 Pratiksha Munot Computer Accenture
488 Sunil Mahadev Pattar E&TC Accenture
489 Neha Nilajkar E&TC Accenture
490 Shubham Gosavi E&TC Accenture
491 Ajit Patare Computer Accenture
492 Adinath Dattaram Dukare Computer Accenture
493 Mangal Gaikwad E&TC Pinclick
494 Snehal Rajeshwar Pipare Instrumentation Pinclick
495 Yogini jawale Computer Pinclick
496 Ayesha Sattar Choudhary Computer Pinclick
497 Pratiksha Naganath Shinde E&TC Pinclick
498 Rutuja Kotwal Computer Pinclick
499 Tejasvi Balaso Bhorde IT Pinclick
500 Ketaki Upare Computer Pinclick
501 Ruchi Narendra Ranade Instrumentation Pinclick
502 Meena Kasbekar E&TC Pinclick
503 Avanti Niranjan Sawant E&TC Pinclick
504 Yogita Laxman kamble E&TC Pinclick
505 Rutuja sunil surdi IT Pinclick
506 Punam Namdev Dhondapure Electronics Pinclick
507 Vaishnavi Manoj Shirbhate Computer Pinclick
508 Sayali Chitale E&TC e zest
509 Ashu Pandey E&TC Revature
510 Tanvi Patil E&TC Mphasis
511 Bhavna Dhole E&TC Mphasis
512 Ayesha Chaudhary Computer White Hat Junior
513 Prajakta Parerao Electronics White Hat Junior
514 Joshna Pagi E&TC White Hat Junior
515 Parmeshwar Chavhan E&TC White Hat Junior
516 Soham Lambate E&TC Expleo Group
517 Abhilash Singh Negi E&TC Capgemini
518 Aniket Sammudre E&TC Capgemini
519 Aniket Bordekar Instrumentation Infosys
520 Mihir Shahane E&TC RIA Advisory
521 Nikhil Janardhan Walsane Instrumentation Infosys
522 Pranav Pundalik Pawar Computer Infosys
523 Suraj Pandit Nitture Instrumentation Infosys
524 Swapnil  Prachande Computer Capgemini
525 Faisal Khan E&TC Capgemini
526 Evana Thomas Computer Capgemini
527 Kalyani Ashtikar E&TC Capgemini –
528 Ishan Chugh E&TC Capgemini
529 Prajan Shukla Computer Allscripts
530 Mehul Ingale Computer Mphasis
531 Hitesh Patil Computer Mphasis
532 Viraj Kulkarni E&TC Capgemini
533 Pranav P. Pawar Instrumentation Capgemini
534 Rupam Patil IT Capgemini –
535 Gayatri Bhosale IT e zest
536 Sushmita Gilbile IT Mphasis
537 Sneha Goture IT Mphasis
538 Pragati Ingole E&TC Mphasis
539 Pragati Ingole E&TC Tech Mahindra
540 Akash Thakare Computer Capgemini
541 Shreya Khedekar IT Capgemini
542 Hrishikesh Joshi IT T systems
543 Rutuja Kotwal Computer TCS
544 Pratik Patil IT Qualitykiosk Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
545 Sneha Goture IT NTT Data
546 Neelam Gajbhiya Computer NTT Data
547 Riya Reji Computer NTT Data
548 Riya Reji Computer Jio Platforms Limited
549 Manojkumar Pal E&TC Jio Platforms Limited
550 Pravin Borse Computer Jio Platforms Limited
551 Akashkumar Bishoyi E&TC Fligen Systems Pvt. Ltd.
552 Krishna Gabale E&TC Fligen Systems Pvt. Ltd.
553 Ketaki Upare Computer Qualitykiosk Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
554 Pratiksha Pandhare Computer Qualitykiosk Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
555 Pratik Kale Electrical Ksolare Energy Pvt. Ltd.
556 Sayali Bhosale E&TC Wipro
557 Nivedita Patil Electrical General Electric Aviation India Pvt. Ltd.
558 Yash Jitendra Kasat Computer T systems
559 Supekar Umesh Electrical V&M Light Design
560 Onkar Patole E&TC Bristlecone
561 Pratiksha Shinde E&TC Bristlecone
562 Atal Deshmukh IT Bristlecone
563 Anubhav Chaudhary Computer Bristlecone
564 Ganesh Shinde Computer Bristlecone
565 Prathamesh Pansare Computer Bristlecone
566 Ankush Chandrashekhar Muley E&TC TCS –
567 Ekta Bhushan IT SAS R&D
568 Akash Rajesh Thakare Computer SAS R&D
569 Ajit Patare Computer SAS R&D
570 Veena Baravkar E&TC Qualitykiosk Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
571 Ruchi Narendra Ranade Instrumentation Schneider Electric
572 Saket Godse Instrumentation Schneider Electric
573 Aishwarya Gore Instrumentation Schneider Electric
574 Aniket Bordekar Instrumentation Schneider Electric
575 Ansari Ushba E&TC Apisero
576 Sakshi Thakare E&TC Bristlecone
577 Thorat Dipali Sanjay E&TC Eloquent Info Solutins Pvt. Ltd.
578 Nikhil Gajanan Wale E&TC AIT Global India Pvt. Ltd.
579 Priyanka Ranpise E&TC TCS
580 Thorat Dipali Sanjay E&TC Work India Pvt. Ltd.
581 Ansari Ushba E&TC MTX IT Consulting Services Pvt.Ltd.
582  Shubham Dilip Dalvi Computer Cognizant
583 Vedant Gurav E&TC Cognizant
584 Susmita Gade Computer Cognizant
585 Shashank Sawane E&TC Cognizant
586 Sonam Sunil Zirpe Computer Cognizant
587 Pratik Kumbhar E&TC Cognizant
588 Vedant Gurav E&TC Paysquare Consultancy
589 Gaurav Jaisinghani IT Web MD
590 Rutuja Surdi IT Wipro
591 Sachin Shinde E&TC Wipro
592 Roshni Naduvile Veetil E&TC Wipro
593 Tanvi Sawant E&TC Cognizant
594 Vaidehee Naraje E&TC Cognizant
595 Sumit Ugale Instrumentation Sinteg Technologies
596 Himanshu Jawale Instrumentation Sinteg Technologies
597 Krishna Gabale E&TC Infostretch Pvt. Ltd.
598 Abhishek Gaikwad Computer Avaya
599 Kalyani Kolte E&TC TCS
600 Pratiksha Shinde E&TC TCS
601 Arati Jadhav Computer TCS
602 Atharva Shewale IT Asian Paints
603 Pratiksha Shinde E&TC Bristlecone
604 Jayraj Kharadkar E&TC Cognizant
605 Krishna Gabale E&TC GGK Technology Pvt. Ltd.
606 Tanvi Ranjan Patil E&TC Hexaware Technologies limited
607 Rajesh Zurange E&TC TCS
608 Ayesha Sattar Choudhary Computer Atos Syntel
609 Manan Gulati IT Neosoft
610 Yogita Munge IT Atos Syntel
611  Rutuja Surdi IT Atos Syntel
612 Ketaki Upare Computer Atos Syntel
613 Ketaki Upare Computer Mitr Learing & Media
614 Ketaki Upare Computer Qualitykiosk Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
615 Rupali Hasnadade E&TC Tech Mahindra
616 Danesh P. Pagdiwalla Computer Tech Mahindra
617 Aniket More E&TC Tech Mahindra
618 Sumant Nagarkar E&TC Tech Mahindra
619 Chaitanya Kharche E&TC Tech Mahindra