Sculpting Students’ Future by Enhancing Skills

Dr. Pradeep Mane
Principal, AISSMS IOIT

The rapidly changing technologies and ever-growing infrastructural advancement demands the Engineers today to stay on the tip of their toes to be updated with all the technological progressions in the industry.

Engineering is a domain where one’s learning never ends, even after several years of professional education. There are a certain technical and soft skills that helps the students to keep up with the pace of the mercurial environment of the Engineering industry.

We at theAISSMS Institute of Information Technology believe in imbibing our students with skills that forever help them in their professional growth.

Following are thefew skills that everyengineering student adorns through their course of journey with AISSMS IOIT.

Technical Soundness:

Being an Engineering student, sound knowledge of the technical aspects come as an unwritten clause in the industry. It is crucial for student to be absolutely swift with their tools and hands on software technologies.

To ensure that the students pursuing Engineering at AISSMS IOIT have a sound technical knowledge, we provide them with apt exposure to the practical world via various clubs where they can get experience and knowledge of concepts through practical based learning.

A few clubs through which the students can become skilled professional are as below:

  • ISTE – Indian Society for Technical Education
  • IETE – The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers
  • ISA – Industry Standard Architecture
  • CSI – Computer Society of India
  • IEI – The Institution of Engineers (India)

Through these clubs the students get an opportunity to experiment and try out for themselves the various aspects of engineering studies. By participating and working with these clubs, students get to gain complete experience of working in a competitive environment and developing a project right from the scratch.

Soft Skills:

Engineering involves developing products and services that can be practically used in the real world. This means working with individuals with unique skill sets and personalities. Handling the team and the finances are also a part of handling a project. Thus, it is important for an Engineer to develop in himself some requisite soft skills.

Here are a few important soft skills that every Engineering student must develop in himself.

  • Leadership and Management
  • Strong and Efficient Communication
  • Self-Learning and Commitment
  • Attention to Details
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Keeping in mind the pace of the technical world, we at AISSMS IOIT have developed a few quality-control processes in our regular curriculum that help the students develop and sharpen their soft skills while following their day to day course routine. These processes help the student gain self-confidence and build a personality that will helps them work efficiently in the cutthroat competition of the corporate environment.

The ideology of AISSMS Institute of Information Technology, Pune too stands for the holistic development of the students with an intention of creating employable individuals and responsible citizens for tomorrow.

We constantly aim and work towards providing our students with the best teaching learning experience and making them ready for their professional endeavours.

Embedding students with skills and making them ready for the future is the main objective of every faculty at AISSMS IOIT.

Dr. P.B. Mane

Principal, AISSMS IOIT