Fund Raising Strategies: Being unaided private engineering college, though the club is under AISMS Institute of Information Technology, it hardly gets funding from the parent institute. The institute facilitates the functioning of the club by extended support like sparing the institutional resources including space and vehicle. Providing travel grants and duty leave to the participants is another form of support the institute extends. So far, the club has promoted students to participate in various competitions, and the earned reward money is utilized for further development of the club. The club members apply for the funding to different agencies like IEEE and continue the development work. However, the club is indeed in the need of funds for its expansion and continued functioning at elevated level

Funding Fetched So Far:

Sr. No. Amount Agencies Project
1 USD 4418/- IEEE UV machine for disinfection
2 INR 13000/- IEEE Automation of Gates for controlled water release
3 INR 6000/- IEEE Legume cutter
4 INR 10,000 UNNAT BHARAT ABHIYAN For Survey, Awakening Programs
5 INR 100000/- A.I.C.T.E. SPICES

We are open for C.S.R. (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Projects Submitted For Funding:

Sr.No. Name of project Date of Application Agency Funds
1 Small and Medium Agricultural Reform Technology (SMART) for Irrigation Using Internet of Things (IOT) October 2018 SPPU INR 2500000/-
2 Automation of Gates for controlled water release September 2018 IEEE SIG INR 15000/-
3 Telescopic legume cutter January 2019 IEEE SIG INR 10000/-
4 Face Mask And Temperature Detection -Based Real Time Data Monitoring System May 2021 IEEE R10 TENHOPE2021 USD 1885/-
5 Laboratory Scale Synthesis and Testing of Selective Oxygen Generation Material May 2021 IEEE R10 SAC USD 400/-
6 Non Li-Zeolite Based Oxygen Generation Unit and Sensor for Oxygen June 2021 A.I.C.T.E. SERB INR 2500000/-