Blog By Aishwarya Pathak

The continuously changing demands of the society with respect to every aspect related to the changing lifestyle of a human being; has set up new challenges or goals in front of every field; broadly classified as commerce, science, arts. You can relate this with few but significant examples; consider the change in the field of commerce due to digitization and tremendous rise of online transactions now-a-days. The factor of time saving and cashless transactions has become as an ease and basic need of people. Digitization and online transactions will demand the people from various fields viz, information technology & computer, commerce, electronics & electrical, management to work together to bring in different technologies and to make sure untroubled execution of the same with ease of use by common man. This has relevance with the varieties of jobs a person can think of in relation to digitization and online transactions. The information technology graduates/postgraduates will be involved viz; (B.E./B. Tech (I.T or Computer) or B. C. A/ M.C.A or B.C.S/ M.C.S.); the management graduates/postgraduates will be involved viz; (B.B.A./M.B.A (Finance, Human resource, international business, information technology, supply chain etc.) or C.S/C.A); the electronics & electrical graduates/postgraduates will be involved viz;(B.E/B.Tech (E&TC, Electrical)) and many more specialists not limited to the above specified areas will play a key role in the fulfillment of constantly changing scenarios which will have an impact on the society. So, from employment (jobs) point of view, many job opportunities get revealed by relating to the example stated above.
Children now-a-days can be shaped at an early age may be from class X onwards so as to slowly grasp the objective and purpose of education where they ultimately should start seeking information about the areas where they will be working after becoming graduate/post graduate from a specific field. It is a need of today that they should have a view of where and what actually is the form of their work, because this gets decided after class X as student enters into broad fields of commerce, arts & science as per our education system. Firstly, it depends upon the liking of the student what option he wants to choose and his ability to perform in that field. Many-a-times it is observed or usual practice that students or parents choose from commerce, arts & science depending upon percentages and cut-off of colleges for class XI which is obvious. But sometimes parents as well as students are unaware of where these broad areas relate to in connection with jobs; then graduation path will also change and graduates may land into trouble some situations in relation to job seeking.
Today, the pre-requisite study which will establish a connect/link between; area chosen after class X to various employment opportunities of that area and after its specialization has become an essential entity of admission process which students and parents face. Because the child is not having a clear picture of ‘what kind of work is to be done?’ after graduation. Awareness about various fields peeping in day-by-day, challenges and competition students will be facing from everywhere should be brought into the frame of admission process while deciding or choosing among areas (after class X) or specialization (disciplines after class XII).
To satisfy the demand of industry, various job opportunities are based on certain specific skill set requirement. This gave rise to multidisciplinary studies, for example; banking sector has requirement of information technology or computer engineers with commerce specialized people. It is crucial these days to work and understand, grasp computer-based systems and technology. In school education children are getting acquainted with computer systems but almost every field now-a-days demands some basic knowledge different software tools as used in commerce, arts & science fields. Students opting for science and deciding to take up graduation other than core medical; must learn different programming languages (in class XI and XII) like C, C++ which are basic & java, python or HTML which is basic requirement for science as well as commerce jobs many-a-times. Also, awareness about software tools used in the specific fields must be created among students.
While entering into college level after class X, the students should be made aware of different stream lines they can enter into for their graduation and post-graduation. They can opt for engineering or technology (B.E or B.Tech), design(B. Des, Bachelor of Fine, creative, visual arts or interior designing), architecture (B. Arch) if they opt Science stream (PCM group)after class XII. Those choosing Science stream (PCMB) have technology as well as medical science options open. Science (PCB group) can opt for pure medical related disciplines such as MBBS, dental surgeon, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, nursing, pharmacy and many more wide varieties of specializations (MBBS, BDS, BHMS, BAMS, B. Sc (Nursing) B. Pharm). Now, if someone enters commerce, arts or business management then there are options like (B. Com, B.A, BBA, BBM, BBS etc.). Also, now-a-days students are preferring courses like mass communication, social work, journalism, gaming art and design, photography or career options in different performing arts.
There are many more career pathways but every field demands creativity, hard work, self-learning abilities, sincere efforts and patience which will definitely lead the students towards success in the career they perceive!

Ms. Aishwarya S Phatak
Assistant Professor
Department of E&TC Engineering