2020-21 ACM Report

Department of Information Technology
Association for Computing Machinery, Student Chapter


Activity Report

The All India Shri Shivaji Memorial Society’s Institute of Information Technology department of Information Technology had organized Expert Lecture/Webinars/Workshops in association with ‘Association for Computing Machinery’ (ACM), Student Chapter on following dates.

Sr. No. Description Of Event Date Resources Person (Organization) Participation Details (Class with No) Depart. Coordinator Level Of Activity (College/National/ International) POs PSOs
1. Session on Game theory for internet Edge 09/06/2020 Dr. R. Ramanujam, SE, TE,
BE, 120
Mr. P.B. Wakhare Department level 1 1,2
2. Webinar on Cloud Native Computing 17/08/2020 Neeram M. Karnik SE, TE,
BE, 147
Dr.M.A.Thalor Department level 1 1,2
3. Webinar on Decoding the Language of your brain the NLP way 24/082020 Dr. Sabiha Inamdar,
NLP Life Coach
TE, 58 Mrs. Pragati Mahale Department level 1 1,2
4. Webinar on Career Guidance and Higher Education 15/09/2020 Ms.Sarika Saste SE,TE,

BE, 75

Ms.R.P.Saste Department level 6 1
5. Webinar on Let’s declutter our minds 23/09/2020 Mrs. Sonali Joshi SE,TE,

BE, 128

Dr.M.A.Thalor Department level 1 1,2
6. Workshop on Python Programming 28/09/2020 to 02/10/2020 Mr. Tushar Kute

Mitu Skillologies, Pune

SE, 22 Mr.Prashant Wakhare Department level 1 1,2
7. AISSMS IOIT ACM Student chapter awareness program 5/10/2020


Dr. M.A. Thalor,



BE ,150

Neha Lokhande


Department level 1 1,2
8. Women Appreciation Week 19/10/2020 to 22/10/2020 Student coordinator: Shivani Pokharakar, Omkar Waghmare SE,TE,

BE, 22



Mrs A.S.phapale

Department level 1 1,2
9. Poster Presentation 28/10/2020 Ms. Rasika Saste TE , 55 Ms. Rasika Saste Department level 1,2,8,9,10,12 1,2
  10. Mini Project 5/11/2020 Dr. M. A. Thalor SE Dr. M. A. Thalor Department level 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,


  11. Workshop on R programming 23/11/2020 to 27/11/2020 Mr. Aniket Thorave

Mitu Skillologies, Pune


BE, 55

Ms. Rasika Saste Department level 1 1,2
  12. Code Innovation Series 17/2/2021 Shakti Singh,

GitHub, IncubateInd

91 Dr. Meenakshi Thalor College 1,2,3,6,9,10 1,2
  13. Big Data engineering


28/01/2021 Mario Rozario,

Enterprise Building Training Solution, Mumbai

SE, TE, BE -80 Mrs. Anuja Phapale Department level 1 1,2
  14. Technology Trends: Perspective Synopsis 25/01/2021 R.Venkateswaran SE, TE, BE -91 Dr. Meenakshi Thalor Department level 1,2,3,6,9,10 1,2
  15. GitHub Hands on workshop 02/02/2021 Kaushik Roy,



SE, TE, BE -208 Dr. Meenakshi Thalor College 1 1,2
  16. Get the Insight about IELTS with Destination Ireland 09/03/2021 Mr. Mukul Sarang

Ms. Chitra Roy (The Scholars Higher Education Route)





Mr. Pritesh Patil College
  17. Workshop on Machine Learning 01/03/2021to


Mr. Arunjit Chowdhury SE,TE, BE=75 Ms.Madhuri Thorat college 1,2,3,6,9,11 1,2
  18. Webinar on Python for Machine learning 15/05/2021 Ayush Kalebere and Aditya Gandhamal 60 Dr. Meenakshi Thalor Department level 1,2,3,6,9,10 1,2

Sample Photos:

Code Innovation Series Hackathon, by Shakti Singh, GitHub, IncubateInd GitHub hands on workshop, by Kaushik Roy, GitHub
Webinar on Big Data Engineering, by Mario Rozario, Enterprise Building Training Solution, Mumbai Technology Trends: Perspective Synopsis,  by R.Venkateswaran