About Professional Body

Professional Body

Sr. No. Professional Body Logo Year of formation
1. Association for Computing Machinery _ ACM 2019
2. Fire & Security Association of India _ FSAI 2016
3. Indian Society of Automation _ ISA 2015
4. The Institution of Engineers (India) _ IE(I) 2009
5. National federation of Engineers for Electrical Safety_NFE 2024
6. Indian Society for Technical Education _ ISTE 2010
7. Pune Management Association_ PMA 2022
8. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers _ IEEE 2014
9 IEEE CTSoc 2021-22
10 Computer Society of India_CSI 2009
Name Mrs. Deepali M. Yewale
Designation Professional Body Coordinator, Assistant Professor E&TC
Qualifications ME( Electronics), Ph.D ( Persuing)
Specialization VLSI Design, Machine Learning
Experience 22 Years
Email deepali.yewale@aissmsioit.org
Sr. No. Heads Name
1. Hon. Secretary Hon’ble Shri Malojiraje Chhatrapati
2. Chairman (College Development Committee) Hon’ble Shri Ajay Uttamrao Patil
3. Principal Dr. Pradeep Mane
4. Professional Body Coordinator Ms. Deepali M. Yewale
5. ACM _ Information Technology Department Coordinator Dr. Mrunal Pathak
6. FSAI_ Instrumentation Engineering Department Dr. Badri Mohpattra
7. ISA_ Instrumentation Engineering Department Dr. Vandana V. Kale
8. IE(I)_ Electrical Department Coordinator Ms. Vaishali Amol Yawale
9. NFE_ Electrical Department Coordinator Ms. Vaishali Amol Yawale
10. ISTE_ Engineering Science Department Coordinator Dr. Manisha Raghuvanshi
11. Pune Management Association_ PMA Ms. Deepali M. Yewale
12. IEEE Coordinator Dr. Ashpana Shiralkar (HOD. Electrical Dept.)
13. IEEE CTSoc Ms. Archana Ganesh Said
14. CSI Computer Engineering Department Coordinator Ms. Archana Ganesh Said

Professional Body:

Professional body is to provide general advancement in all disciplines of Engineering courses and to provide quality training program to teachers, students and administrators of technical institutions in order to update their skills and knowledge in their field of activity to assist and contribute in the production and development of top-quality professional engineers


To assist and contribute in the production and development of top-quality professional engineers.


    • To motivate students to participate in co-curricular activities.
    • To support and guided the students’ innovative ideas through this chapter.
    • To give exposure for various opportunities in various events at state/national level activities and competitions through student chapters of professional bodies.


  • Opportunity for networking with professional.
  • Opportunity to participate in Seminars, Conference, Workshops
  • Showcase their talent in various technical, cultural & sports activities.
  • Get professional recognition, information and advice
  • Training and support for leadership /Soft Skills
  • Source for solid career information and advice, Strong social media presence

College Achievements:

  1. Best Principal Award 2020-21 by Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU)
  2. AICTE Clean Campus Award 2019-20
  3. The institute is recognized by AICTE for “Best practices in Education” in 2018
  4. Best Principal Award 2017-18 by Computer Society of India
  5. Best College Award 2017-18 in Pune by Fire and Security Association of India
  6. Bharati Vidya bhavan National Award 2017 for Best Engineering College Principal by ISTE, New Delhi
  7. Best Private Engineering College Award 2015 by ISTE, New Delhi
  8. Engineering Education Excellence Award 2015 from Indo-Global chamber of Commerce Industries & Agriculture
  9. Gold Category (2016, 2017, 2018 and 2020) as per AICTE-CII Survey of Industry Linked Technical Institutes
  10. Ranked between 70 to 200 in various surveys conducted INDIA TODAY-MDRA, Times Engineering, WEEK MAGAZINE, Outlook, and Business World.

List of Staff Members with Professional Body Membership Name

Sr.No Staff Name Membership Name
2 Dr. Shedge. D. K ISTE IETE IEI
3 Dr. M.P. Sardey ISTE IETE
4 Dr. V. K. Bairagi ISTE IETE IEEE IEI
5 Prof. H. D. Shinde ISTE IETE
6 Prof. V. K. Patil ISTE IETE
7 Dr. M. S. Vanjale. ISTE IETE
8 Prof. M. S. Koban ISTE
10 Dr. S. S. Nikam. ISTE IETE
11 Prof. M. P. Gajare. ISTE IETE
12 Prof. S. B. Pokarkar. ISTE IETE
13 Prof. D. A. Itole. ISTE IETE
14 Prof. D.M. Yewale ISTE IETE
15 Prof. S. V. Lohar IETE
16 Prof. S.R. Kokane ISTE
17 Dr. Vineeta Philip ISTE IETE
18 Prof. R. N. Jadhav ISTE IETE
19 Prof. C. K. Bhange ISTE IETE
20 Prof.A.A.Randive IEI
21 Dr. Harshada Magar ISTE IETE
22 Dr.M.A.Thalor ISTE ACM
23 Mr.P.A.Patil ISTE IAENG
24 Dr.R.A.Jamadar ISTE
25 Mrs.A.S.Phapale ISTE
26 Mrs.P.P.Mahale ISTE IAENG
27 Mrs.R.Y.Totare ISTE
28 Mrs.J.C.Pasalkar ISTE
29 Dr.M.K.Pathak ISTE IAENG
30 Mr.V.J.Desai ISTE
31 Mrs.S.K.More ISTE
32 Mrs.P.M.Patil ISTE
33 Dr. A. A. Shinde ISTE ISOI
34 Mr. H. P. Chaudhari ISTE ISOI
35 Dr. V. V. Kale ISTE ISOI ISA
36 Mrs. S. V. Kulkarni ISTE FSAI
37 Mr. S. S. Jagtap ISTE
38 Dr. B. N. Mohapatra ISTE ISOI
39 Mrs. C.D. Rananware ISTE
40 Ms. S. R. Garthe ISTE
41 Mr. P. U. Palkar ISTE
42 Dr. S. N. Zaware ISTE CSI
43 Dr. K. S. Wagh ISTE CSI
44 Dr. S. V. Limkar ISTE CSI
45 Mrs. S. P. Pimpalkar ISTE CSI
46 Mrs. P. S. Gaikwad ISTE CSI
47 Mr. A. S. Chavan ISTE
48 Mr. P. S. Sadaphule ISTE CSI
49 Mrs. M. P. Nerkar ISTE CSI
50 Mrs. M. A. Zope ISTE CSI
51 Mr. G. J. Navale ISTE CSI
52 Mrs. S. R. Agrawal ISTE CSI
53 Mrs. A. G. Said ISTE CSI
54 Mrs. N. S. Patil ISTE CSI
55 Mrs. Chetan Aher ISTE
56 Mrs. S.B.Toney ISTE
57 Ms. A. S. Varal ISTE
58 Mr. S. V. Shelar ISTE CEEAMA IEI
59 Mrs. A. D. Shiralkar ISTE IEEE IEI
60 Mrs. K. S. Gadgil ISTE IEI
61 Mr. S. S. Shingare ISTE IAENG IEI
62 Mr. V. S. Kamble ISTE IAENG IEI
63 Mrs. S.S. Landge ISTE IEI
64 Mrs. S. M. Shaikh ISTE IEI
65 Ms. V. P. Kuralkar ISTE IAENG IEI ISLE
66 Mr. P. P. Mahajan ISTE IAENG IEI
67 Mr. S.Bakre ISTE IEI
68 Mr.Sandip Raaste ISTE ISLE
69 Mr. Yogesh D. Rashinkar ISTE
70 Mrs. Poonam P. Mane ISTE MVP NFE
71 Dr. P. G. Musrif ISTE MVP
72 Prof. S. V. Arlikar ISTE MVP
74 Dr. K. G. Wadikar ISTE IAIAM
75 Dr. N. V. Sharma ISTE ISCA
77 Prof. P. S Rathod ISTE IEI
78 Prof. S. S. Gadadhe ISTE SMISME
80 Prof. M B Nigde ISTE
81 Prof. V. D. Chopade ISTE
82 Prof. D. D. Pise ISTE
83 Prof. A. Apate ISTE IAENG
84 Prof. G. M. Mawale ISTE IEI ISSE IWWM
85 Prof. A. N. Khan ISTE IEI ISSE
86 Prof. A. H. Raheja ISTE IEI
87 Prof. A. V. Diwalkar ISTE
88 Prof. P. B. Shinde ISTE IAIAM
89 Prof. P. G. Mahajan ISTE
90 Prof. S. Shelar IAENG
91 Prof. P. A. Patil ISTE MVP
92 Dr. Suresh V.Limkar ISTE IEEE
93 Dr.Rakesh B.Dhumale ISTE IEEE
94 Mr. Ganesh H. Wani ISTE
95 Mrs.Sayali A. Belhe ISTE
96 Ms.Swati D.Kadu ISTE
97 Mrs.Mayura V.Shelke ISTE
98 Ms.Reshma R. Owhal ISTE
99 Ms.Bhagyashree D. Lambture ISTE
100 Mrs.Madhuri Thorat ISTE
101 Dr. S. A. Panwar ISTE IEEE
102 Ms. P. D. Bormane IEI
103 Mrs. S.B.Kanawade ISTE
104 Mrs. Snehal bagal ISTE
105 Dr. Deeplaxmi Zhingade ISTE CSI