Semester 1

Sr. No. Class Subject Topic Name Link
1 SE-IT Object Oriented Programming OOP concepts
Instance Variable
Static Variable
Method Overloading
This Keyword
Single Level Inheritance
Method Overriding
final Keyword
Abstract class
Data structures and Algorithms Swapping Demo
Quick Sort Demo
Linked List Demo
Evaluation of postfix expression
Queue Data structure
Time Complexity
Binary Tree Creation
Graph Representations
Binar Tree Traversals
Hash Tables
Discrete Mathematics Basics of Discrete Mathematics
Graph Theory
Matrix Representation of Graph
Prim’s Algorithm
Kruskal Algorithm
Warshall’s Algorithm
Chinese Remainder Theorem
Discrete Structure- Algebric Structure
Set Theory
Operations on sets–iM6xZmQ
Cartesian Product
Relation in Set Theory
Properties of Relation
Logic Design and Computer Organization Variable Function using Multiplexer IC 74153
Design and implement 1 digit BCD adder using IC7483
Excitation Table for JK Flip Flop
Asynchronous UP counter
Mod N counter using IC 7490
Design and implement 4 bit BCD to Excess 3 code
Asynchronous Down Counter
3 bit UP Synchronous Counters
Design and implement full subtractor using decoder IC 74138
3 bit Down Synchronous Counters
2 TE TOC UNIT 1:Introduction to FA
UNIT 1:Deterministic Finite Automata
UNIT 3 L1:Introduction to context free grammar
UNIT 3 L2:Types of sentential forms
UNIT 3 L3:Ambigious grammar
UNIT 4:PDA Introduction
UNIT 4:PDA stack operation
UNIT 4:PDA example withstack operation
Use case Daigram
UNIT 5:Turing Machine intro
DBMS Introduction to DBMS and Level of Abstraction
Data Definition Language
Data Manipulation Language
Select Query Structure
Aggregate Functions in SQL
Set Membership
Set Comparison
Set Cardinality
Query Processing
Database Transaction
Operating System Fork System Call
Part I -FCFS
Part II -SJF
Part III -Priority
Part IV – RR
Deadlock, Necessary Conditions of Deadlock
Banker’s Algorithm – Data Structure
Part I Banker Algorithm with example
Part II Banker Algorithm with example
Part III Banker Algorithm with example
Human-Computer Interaction Interaction in Human Computer Interaction
Introduction to HCI
Model Human Processor
3 BE-IT Machine Learning and Applications Multiclass Classification–HU
Introduction to Machine Learning
Dimensionality reduction in Machine Learning
Linear Models
Linear Regression
Over-fitting and Under-fitting of Model
Training and Testing Dataset
Information and Cyber Security RSA
Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Introduction
Machine Learning Concept of Radial Basis Functions.