Semester 1

Sr.No Class Name of subject Topic Link of video
1 S.E. Electronic Circuits Negative feedback amplifier advantages
Instrumentation Amplifier
R-2R Ladder DAC
Inverting Schmitt Trigger
Flash ADC
Block Diagram of OP-AMP
Regulated Power Supply
Successive Approximation ADC
DAC Specificattions
OPAMP Basics
Basics of ADC
317 Voltage Regulator
7805 Voltage Regulator
Basics of Voltage Regulator.
Digital Circuits Design of Half Adder
Classification of digital Logic Families
Working Principle of IC74LS85
Implementation of 4 bit Magnitude Comparator
Implementation of 3 bit Up counter using IC 74LS76
Implementation of Mod 5 Up counter using IC 74LS90
Implementation of 4 bit Up counter using IC 74LS76
Implementation of Mod6 Up counter using IC 74LS93
Implementation of 2 bit Up counter using IC 74LS76
Design of 8- bit comparator using IC 74LS85 Part 1
Design of 8- bit comparator using IC 74LS85 Part 2
CMOS logic
Notation of ASM chart
Tri state logic
Characterisitcs of digital IC part 1
Characterisitcs of digital IC part 2
Characterisitcs of digital IC part 3
Basic design steps of state machine
Electrical Circuits Two port network
Back e.m.f and its significance in DC motor
D.C. Generator Types—xiTg
Working Principle of induction motor
Variable reluctance stepper motor
Initial conditions
To determine Current in various branches using falstad software
Basic circuit simplification techniques.
DC Machines
DC Generator
DC Motor
Starters of DC shunt motor
Three Phase Induction Motor:
Speed Control of DC Motor
Thevenin’s and Norton’s Theorem
Data structures Data Structures and its applications
Functions in C
Function Call in C
Arrays and String in C
Decision control in C
Looping in C
Operators in C
Structure and Union
Basics of Pointer
File Handling in C
2 T.E. Digital
Need of Digital Communication
Block diagram of Digital Communication pending for uploading
Pulse Code Modulation pending for uploading
Noise and It’s Types pending for uploading
Multiplexer and Demultiplexer
Line Codes
Introduction to Spread Spectrum Modulation
Model of Spread Spectrum Modulation
Binary Amplitude Shift Keying Transmitter
Binary Amplitude Shift Keying Receiver
Practical of Quadrature Phase Shift Keying
Practcal of Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Binary Phase Shift Keying
Binary Phase Shift Keying Transmitter
Binary Frequency Shift Keying Receiver
Digital Signal
Linear filtering using FFT-part 1
Linear filtering using FFT-part 2
Algorithms for efficient computation of DFT-DIF FFT
Algorithms for efficient computation of DFT-DIT FFT
Butterworth Filter Design
Frequency Warping
Circular convolution for calculation of linear convolution and aliasing effect using MATLAB
Properties of DFT using MATLAB
Electromagnetics Transmission Line Parameters
The History of Electromagnetics
Electric Flux and Electric Flux Density
Physical Significance of General Solution of Transmission Lines
Introduction to Electromagnetic Theory
Time Varying Electromagnetics Fields
EM Wave
Stub Matching
Electric field intensity Problems
Coordinate Systems
Capacitors and capacitance
Magnetic Boundary conditions
Gauss’s Law
Trasmission Lines
Microcontrollers Addressing Modes of 8051
How to use Keil software for writing and executing assembly language programs of 8051
Timers of 8051
8051 Timer Programming
8051 Frequency Counter Programming
Software IDE
Timers in PIC Microcontroller
CCP Module of PIC Microcontroller
Interfacing of LED with PIC Microcontroller
LCD interfacing with 8051microcontroller
ADC interfacing with 8051 microcontroller
LED interfacing with 8051 Microcontroller
Seven Segment interface with 8051 microcontroller
Memory Transfer Microcontroller
Mechatronics Directional control valves
diaphragm pump
Gear pump part 1
plunger pump
Gear pump part 2
Basics Of Hydraulic system
Hydraulic Pump
Reciprocating Pump
Lobe Pump
Vane Pump
Operating principle of load cell
Concept of Calibration
Electronic System Design LRPS Design
Data Aquisation system Design
3 B.E VLSI Design&
Introduction to Xilinx
Design of Or gate using Xilinx
Design of ALU using Xilinx
Design of Shift Register using Xilinx
CMOS Inverter using Microwind
CMOS NAND NOR using Microwind
MUX using Microwind
Behavioral Modeling Style in VHDL
Dataflow Modeling style in VHDL
Structural Modeling Style in VHDL
VHDL Attributes
VLSI Design flow
FSM modeling
Combinational Logic Design
6T-SRAM using CMOS
3-Input NAND using microwind
CMOS Inverter Layout Design Using Microwind
Half adder design using Microwind
6T SRAM cell design using Microwind
D FF design using Microwind
Computer Networks
& Security
Dijkstra’s Algorithm
RSA Algorithm
Stop-and-Wait Protocol
Study of HTTP
Remote Loggin
Process to process delivery
World wide web
Network protocol analyzer tool
Connecting Device
Unicast Routing
Wireless LAN
IPv4 Addresses
Network Layer
Transport layer servicess
Standard Ethernet
Media Access Control
Application layer
Network Layer Protocols
Application layer Introduction
Radiation &
Directional Coupler
Ferrite materials
Magic Tee
E Plane Tee
Radiating sphere
H Plane Tee
Embedded Systems & RTOS Demonstration of multitasking
Demonstration Semaphore Signalling
Introduction of Embedded Systems
Demonstration of Porting of Linux on ARM 9
Demonstration of Mailbox practical
Demonstration of Semaphore Synchronization
Demonstration of Message Queue practical
Internet of Things IoT -Lect 1
Internet of Things Part-2
Internet of Things Part-3
Internet of Things Part-4
Internet of Things (Experiment on Node MCU)
Internet of Things (Data Handling and Characteristics of Big Data)
Internet of Things ( MQTT Protocol)
Internet of Things (RFID Interfacing with Arduino UNO)
Internet of Things (Soil Moisture Sensor Interfacing with Arduino and sending the data on cloud)
Introduction to Machine Learning
Electronics in agriculture Leaf Area
Soil Ph
Need of Electronics in agriculture
Data Logger
Precision Farming
Irrigation Controller
Electronic Product Design Five Elements of Successful Design
4 Miscellaneous Testmoz Software
Top 10 Tips for an Successful Intreview
Top 10 Tips to build Effective Listening Skills
Types of Papers
UGC Listed Journals Update September 2020
Writing a good title for the research paper
Technical paper writing – How to read the paper
Technical paper writing – Common sections of a scientific article
Problem solving skills- part 1
Problem solving skills- part 2
BE project selection Tips
TL1 :Creation 9f reflection spot
Cyber Security
Video 1. : Project Benifits
Video 2 : Do’es and don’t does’ for projects
Video 3: Expectations from students for project
Video 4: Project Documentation
Video 5 : Project Blog