Professional Body Logo Year of Formation
Indian Society for Technical Education _ ISTE 2010
Name Dr. Mohini. P. Sardey
Designation Professional Body Coordinator, Associate Professor & HOD (E&TC)
Qualifications M.Tech (Electronics), Ph.D (E&TC)
Specialization Digital Image Processing
Experience Teaching: 27 Years | Research: 7 Years
Sr. No. Heads Name
1. Hon. Secretary Hon’ble Shri Malojiraje Chhatrapati
2. Chairman (College Development Committee) Hon’ble Shri Ajay Uttamrao Patil
3. Principal Dr. Pradeep Mane
4. Professional Body Coordinatorof ISTE, Dr. Mohini Sardey (H. O. D. E&TC dept.)
5. Staff Member (E&TC Engineering Dept,) Ms.Geeta Dhananjay Salunke
6. Student Member Yash Gawade
7. Student Member Gaurav Sonavane

ISTE:The Indian Society for Technical Education is a national, professional, non-profit Society registered under the Indian Societies Registration Act of 1860. Later it was converted into ‘Indian Society for Technical Education’ established in 1968 with a view to enlarge its activities to advance the cause of Technology education. Department had started student chapters of Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) in 2010


Career Development of Teachers and Personality Development of Students and overall development of our Technical Education System.


  • To provide quality training programs to teachers and administrators of technical institutions to update their knowledge and skills in their fields of activity
  • To assist and contribute in the production and development of top-quality professional engineers and technicians needed by the industry and other organisations.
  • To provide guidance and training to students to develop better learning skills and personality
  • To bring about effective linkage between technical institutions industry & society.
  • To award Honorary fellowships, Awards and Prizes, for furthering the objectives of Technical Education.


  • Frequent meetings of the student members can be arranged together with experts / academic / R&D / industries leaders as well as ISTE centers executive committee members.
  • Programs of common interest can also be arranged involving students’ members at many institutions in the city, region etc.
  • Students learn to work in team, inculcate skills like leadership skills, organization skills, soft skills and they become confident and more responsible.
  • Sanket P. Kulkarni and Mr. Swapnil B. Potale students from E&TC department have received 1st prize for project “brain monitoring for healthy living” in 18th ISTE National Annual student convention 2015.
  • The institute has received award for “Best overall performance” in the field of Technical Education by ISTE in 2015.
  • V. K. Bairagi of E&TC department has received ISTE Young Researcher Award in 2015.

List of Staff Members with ISTE Membership No.

Sr. No. Staff Name ISTE Membership No
1 Dr. P. B. Mane LM4270
2 Dr.  D. K. Shedge LM20793
3 Dr. M.P. Sardey LM22576
4 Dr.  S. B. Dhonde LM67625
5 Dr. V. K. Bairagi LM55554
6 Prof. H. D. Shinde LM67626
7 Prof. V. K. Patil LM67656
8 Prof. M. S. Vanjale. LM67627
9 Prof. M. R. Wanjre LM67634
10 Prof. V. N. Ghodke LM84649
11 Prof. S. S. Nikam. LM67633
12 Prof. M. P. Gajare. LM67629
13 Prof. S. B. Pokarkar. LM67636
14 Prof. D. A. Itole. LM67632
15 Prof. D.M. Yewale LM33275
16 Prof. S. V. Lohar LM131675
17 Prof. S.R. Kokane LM85202
18 Prof. K. V. Ranvir LM84648
19 Prof. Vineeta Philip LM84636
20 Prof. G. D. Salunke LM94287
21 Prof. V. J. Desai LM94292
22 Prof. R. N. Jadhav LM94293
23 Prof. C. K. Bhange LM94294
24 Prof. S. O. Ahire LM-116754
25 Prof. H. B. Magar LM131384
26 Prof. S. P. Gopnaryan LM116753
27 Prof. A. S. Ubale LM-67116
28 Prof. G. H. Wani LM106548
29 Prof. N. S. Warade LM106547
30 Prof. S. M. Patil LM93797
31 Dr. S. L. Kurkute LM43774
32 Dr. S. A. Panwar LM – 53574
33 Prof. A. A. Chaudhari LM122014
34 Dr.D.R.Shende LM67641
35 Mr. H.P.Chaudhari LM39760
36 Dr.A.A.Shinde LM67642
37 Mrs. V.V.Kale LM84639
38 Mrs.S.V.Kulkarni LM67643
39 Mr.S.S.Jagtap LM106552
40 Mr. B.N.Mohapatra LM131298
41 Ms. S. C. Mulay LM131307
42 Ms. Divyani Rathod LM131305
43 Mr. Shashikant Kale LM106563
44 Dr. M.A. Thalor LM 73610
45 Mr. Pritesh Patil LM 85199
46 Mrs. Anuja Phapale LM 85200
47 Mrs. Pragati Mahale LM 85198
48 Mrs. Reshma Totare LM 85197
49 Mrs. Mrunal Pathak LM 78662
50 Ms. Jayashree Pasalkar LM85201
51 Ms. Priyanka Hankare LM 123646
52 Dr. J. B. Patil LM 116758
53 Mr. R. A. Jamadar LM 85194
54 Dr. Rakesh B. Dhumale LM 131680
55 Dr. S. N. Zaware LM 39514
56 Dr. K. S. Wagh LM 30572
57 Dr. S. V. Limkar LM 60622
58 Mrs. S. P. Pimpalkar LM 84645
59 Mrs. P. S. Gaikwad LM 84646
60 Mr. A. S. Chavan LM 86994
61 Mr. P. S. Sadaphule LM 84642
62 Mrs. M. P. Nerkar LM 94286
63 Mrs. M. A. Zope LM 84644
64 Mr. G. J. Navale LM 84641
65 Mrs. S. R. Agrawal LM 106540
66 Mrs. A. G. Said LM 58742
67 Mrs. N. S. Patil LM 84647
68 Mrs. Chetan  Aher LM 117563
69 Mrs. P. N. Gulhane LM 131327
70 Ms. A. S. Varal


LM 131306


71 Mr. S. M. Chaudhari LM 29688
72 Mr. S. V. Shelar LM 35979
73 Mrs. A. D. Shiralkar LM 39756
74 Mrs. K. S. Gadgil LM 67650
75 Mr. S. S. Shingare LM 67638
76 Mr. V. S. Kamble LM 30577
77 Mrs. S.S. Landge LM 52810
78 Mrs. S. M. Shaikh LM 67653
79 Ms. V. P. Kuralkar LM 67652
80 Mr. P. P. Mahajan LM 41221
81 Mrs. Sujata Pownikar LM 116757
82 Mr.Sandip Raaste LM 131365
83 Mr. S. Bakre LM 131366
84 Dr. P. G. Musrif LM-85196
85 Prof. S. V. Arlikar LM24099
86 Dr. Y. P. Patil LM67646
87 Dr. K. G. Wadikar LM-57056
88 Dr. N. V. Sharma LM-10036
89 Prof. A. J. More LM -67648
90 Prof. P. S Rathod LM-85195
91 Prof. S. S. Gadadhe LM-71747
92 Prof N. P. Bhone LM-85131
93 Prof. M. B.Nigde LM 1313
94 Prof. V. D. Chopade LM-131304
95 Prof. D. D. Pise LM-131303
96 Prof. G. M. Mawale LM-131325
97 Prof. A. N. Khan LM-131328
98 Prof. A. H. Raheja LM-94291
99 Prof. A. V. Diwalkar LM-131697
100 Prof. P. B. Shinde LM-131332
101 Prof. P. G. Mahajan LM 131696