Maintenance And Utilization

Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities – laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc.

The institute regularly maintains the laboratory equipment there by checking the working status of instruments. The laboratories are maintained by means of annual maintenance contract for computer, equipment, peripherals, networking, UPS, elevator, DG set etc. The minor maintenance being carried out by the laboratory assistants. Laboratory assistant are maintaining dead stock register and register for consumable material and to undertake physical dead stock verification of laboratory material. Laboratory assistants are maintaining log book in laboratory, updating laboratory board periodically, and maintaining equipment, kits, wires, probes etc. Laboratory assistants are issuing equipment, components and manuals to the students, other laboratory s and departments making entry in the issue book. They are updating the display of laboratory with respect to laboratory time-table, list of experiments, list of major equipment along with cost, lab area, and charts as well as keeping record of consumables required for the laboratory.

The institute’s librarian and department library coordinators are regularly reviewing and evaluating resource materials, such as book reviews and catalogs, in order to select and order print, audiovisual, and electronic resources. Departmental library in charge prepares a list of books and display the updated list semester wise in the department. Make a new entry of books as available in the department library. Arrange the books or copies of books subject wise in the book shelf and make the entry accordingly. At the end of the semester they prepare a report about how many books got issued, returned or misplaced. Prepare requirement of new books and journals that are required according to the new syllabus and submit the proposal accordingly through HOD.  Departmental project and seminar coordinators are submitting all the project and seminar report of students in departmental library.

Office of head of the Departments maintains the academic documents such as Departments master time table, copy of individual teacher’s time table, Class room time table, Laboratory time table, monthly review of number of lectures and practical conducted by teachers, a copy of unit test examination time table, provisional and final list of defaulters, record of parent’s visits, student’s feedback reports etc.

The institute’s sports section has sports club which facilitate teachers and students with sports, recreation, health checkups etc. Also supervising strategic planning and implementation in association with national governing bodies (NGBs) for specific sports with respect to clubs and events. They also manage resources, budget and identifying potential opportunities for external funding.

Class rooms, staff rooms and laboratories cleanliness is maintained by peon. College corridors and washrooms cleanliness is maintained by external cleaning services.