AISSMS Institute of Information Technology Ideology and Mission

Dr. Pradeep Mane
Principal, AISSMS IOIT

Noticing the number of women being admitted to engineering courses, which were very few, AISSM Society felt the need to establish an engineering college especially for the women in India. Thusin 1999, society took this initiative and the AISSMS Women’s College of Engineering was established.

With the change in government policies and the overall structure of education 30% quota for women in every college was insured. This led to the development of the renewed vision to open the gates of AISSMS Institute of information Technology for co-education with an intention to provide quality education to all groups of the society.

Thus by 2006, the step to convert this women’s college into a co-ed one was undertaken with the vision to uplift the common masses through value-added education.

The Evolution

IOIT has evolved remarkably from beginning with only 4 branches to current state where the institute runs two distinct post-graduation courses and with 6 graduation courses running to its full effect. The 20-year-old institute is now not only self-sufficient but is also looking towards the development and advancement up to PhD level ready with all the resources and expertise required

The Mission and its Meaning

Development of the society through dynamic education is what the mission of AISSMS IOIT emphasis on. We believe Value addition and dynamic education go hand in hand. To support this, we have a quality policy where we talk about the continuous improvement in the teaching-learning process which ensures that quality education is provided to every student at AISSMS IOIT.

Development of Students & the Faculties

The standard of education provided at AISSMS IOIT ultimately demands the faculty of the institute to keep themselves upgraded, eventually helping themto impart the most updated information available in the market through their teaching. Thus, bridging the gap between the institute curriculum and the outside industry. Today we are proud to be one of the premier institutes delivering value-added quality education specifically in Pune, Maharashtra as well as PAN India.

What does value addition mean?

At AISSIM IOIT, we work towards offering a joyful learning experience to the students, where they get additional inputs through the carefully drafted quality education process to strengthen their academics. We inculcate not only the regular curriculum studies but along with that efforts are made under numerous specifically designed modules to improve the learning experience.

One of such modules is the ‘50-10 module’ which isa unique best practice of our institute thatensures that each and every student increases his/her confidence level, improve their communication skills and learn the various other leadership qualities.

Emphasis on Overall Development

them with a blend of technical as well as soft skills that make the students employable. The students graduating from our institute are not only embedded with good technical knowledge but also lifelong learning skills making them a respectable individual.

The vision and mission of the AISSMS Institute of Information Technology are not only to make brilliant students but also individuals that are ready to endeavor all the challenges of their professional and personal life with strength and confidence.