Placement Report 2019-20

List of companies visited campus
Recruitment Opportunities given to students for Academic Year: 2019-2020
Sr. No. Name of The Companies Department
1 Amazon Development Centre (India) Pvt. Ltd. BE All Branches
2 Amdocs BE Computer, IT, E&TC,
3 Mu Sigma Business Locations Pvt. Ltd. BE Computer, IT, Electronics, Electrical.
4 Accenture BE All Branches
5 Tech Mahindra BE All Branches
6 Saama Software BE All Branches
7 L & T Infotech Ltd. BE All Branches
8 Vritti Solutions Ltd. BE Computer, IT, Electronics, E&TC
9 Toppr Technologies Pvt. Ltd. BE All Branches
10 Zensar BE Computer, IT,
11 Infogen Labs BE Comp, IT, E&TC
12 EPAM BE Computer, IT, E&TC,
13 Tata Consultancy Services BE / Me All Branches
14 eScan BE Computer, IT, E&TC,
15 Infosys BE All Branches
16 MAQ Software BE Comp./IT [B. Tech./BE(CSE/IT) M.Tech/ME(CSE/IT) BCA+MCA/Bsc(cs)(IT)+MCA/Bsc(CS)+MCA]
17 Hitachi Consulting BE Computer, IT,
18 Goldman Sachs. BE All Branches
19 Arxxus Technology Partners Pvt. Ltd. BE Computer, IT,
20 Hitachi Solutions BE Computer, IT
21 Bristlecone BE All Branches
22 Drawinbox Digital Solutions BE Computer, IT,
23 BI Solutions Developer BE All Branches
24 Atos Syntel BE Computer, IT,
25 Xoriant BE Computer, IT,
26 Sigma Systems BE Computer, IT,
27 i Research Services. BE All Branches
28 Wipro BE All Branches
29 Extramarks Education India Pvt.  Ltd. BE All Branches
31 IFI Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. BE Computer, IT,
32 A One Salasar BE Computer, IT,  Elex.
33 CodeNation BE All Branches
34 Blazeclan Technologies Pvt. Ltd. BE Computer, IT, E&TC.
35 Newyork Engineers BE Mechanical/Electrical/ Mechanical Sandwich/ Production Sandwich
36 Enzigma Software Pvt. Ltd BE Computer, IT,
37 Jaro Education BE/ME All Branches
38 Value Labs BE All Branches
39 Apple India BE All Branches
40 Birlasoft BE Computer, IT, Electronics, Electrical, E&TC.
41 Intel  India Electronics/Electrical
42 Indiamart BE All Branches
43 Mindtree BE Computer, IT, Electronics, Electrical, E&TC.
44 Apple BE Computer,
45 Ivanti BE Computer,
46 Ansys BE Computer, IT, Electronics ,E&TC.
47 Sahajanand Laser Technology BE Mechanical / Electrical/E&TC
48 MN Technique Ltd. BE Computer, IT,
49 BigSun Technologies Pvt Ltd BE Computer, IT,
50 Raykor Technologies Ltd BE Computer, IT,
51 Servosys Solutions BE Computer, IT,
52 Jelly Fish Technologies Private Limited BE Computer, IT,
53 eZest Solutions Ltd. BE Computer, IT, Electronics ,E&TC.
54 Morgan Stanley BE All Branches
55 MAVENTIC BE All Branches
56 Datacomp Web Technologies BE Computer, IT,
57 Lear Corporation Be Electrical, Mach, Prod.
58 Juspay BE All Branches
59 American Express (Code Stack 19). BE All Branches
60 NTT Data BE Computer, IT,
61 Deloitte BE All Branches
62 Aspiring Minds BE Computer, IT,
63 Google India BE All Branches
64 Infosys BE All Branches
65 IBM BE Computer, IT,
66 Hexaware Technologies BE All Branches
67 Indian Navy Entrance Test BE All Branches
68 FIS Global BE All Branches
69 Johnson Control BE All Branches
70 Cognizant BE All Branches
71 Fanuc India Pvt.Ltd. BE Electrical, Elex, E&TC, Instru.
72 Winjit Technologies BE Computer, IT,
73 Lido Learning BE All Branches
74 Sanmar Group Be Chemical, Mechanical, Mechanical S/W
75 Bharat Forge BE E&TC, Electrical
76 TSS Consultancy BE Computer, IT,
77 L & T Constructiopn BE Electrical
78 Swabhav Techlabs BE Computer, IT,
79 Thoughtworks Pune BE Computer, IT,
80 IBM BE All Branches
81 Winjit Technologies BE Computer, IT,
82 Cognizant BE All Branches
83 Rudder Analytics. BE Computer, IT, E&TC, Elex.
84 Attra Infotech Pvt.Ltd. BE Computer, IT, Electronics, E&TC.
85 Clover Infotech BE All Branches
86 EYGBS India Pvt. Ltd. BE Computer, IT, Electronics, E&TC, Electrical
87 Publicis Sapient BE Computer, IT, Electronics, E&TC, Electrical
88 Hexaware Technologies BE All Branches
89 T-Systems BE Computer, IT,
90 Knorex BE Computer, IT,
91 D B S Bank BE Computer, IT,
92 Cognizant BE All Branches
93 Cognizant BE All Branches
94 Coditas Technologies Comp,IT,E&TC,Elex.
95 Jaro Group BE All Branches
96 Fanuc India Pvt. Ltd. E7tc,elex,instru,electrical
97 Cactus BE All Branches
98 DTDC BE All Branches
99 Zycus BE All Branches
100 Square Yards BE All Branches
101 Nityo Infotech Services Pvt.Ltd. BE Computer, IT,
102 Teradata BE Computer, IT,
103 Screenmagic BE All Branches
104 Quality Kiosk Technologies BE All Branches
105 Praj Industries Ltd BE Chemical,Machanical,Machanical S/W
106 Extramarks Education India Pvt.  Ltd. BE or MBA All Branches
107 Mphasis Ltd. BE All Branches
108 Minecraft BE Comp,IT
109 Tudip Technologies BE Computer, IT,E&TC,Elex.
110 Neilsoft Pool Campus Drive BE Electri,Mech,Mech s/w, Civil
111 Raam Group Pool Campus Drive BE or MBA All Branches
112 Vanderlande BE Electri, E&TC,Elex.  Instru
113 Radio Mirchi BE All Branches
114 Deekshaa Infosystems BE Computer, IT,E&TC,
115 VTest BE All Branches
116 CAPITA BE All Branches
117 Bajaj Finserv BE All Branches
118 Hitech informatics pvt ltd BE All Branches
119 SSB        (Indian Army) BE All Branches
120 Insight Success BE All Branches
121 Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited BE Computer, IT,E&TC,
122 Pinclick(Only for Girls) B.E (All Streams)
123 Toppr Technologies B.E or MBA(All Streams)
124 Accelya BE Computer, IT.
125 IBM India.(Only for Female) B.E (All Streams)
126 Infogain. BE Computer, IT,E&TC,
127 Minecraft BE Comp,IT
128 Capgemini. B.E (All Streams)
129 Infrasoft BE Comp,IT
Sr. No. Student Name Branch Company Name
1 Smita Muke BE Computer L&T Infotech
2 Pratiksha Jatti BE Computer L&T Infotech
3 Jaymala Pawar BE Computer L&T Infotech
4 Shanaya Shah BE Computer L&T Infotech
5 Ashish Amlani BE Computer L&T Infotech
6 Adarsh Pathak BE Computer L&T Infotech
7 Vivek Sharma BE Computer EPAM
8 Gautami Mudaliar BE Computer Zensar
9 Shamal Pawar BE Computer Zensar
10 Mrinal Bhangale BE Computer Zensar
11 Tejaswini Chaudhari BE Computer Zensar
12 Kirti Chiplunkar BE Computer Zensar
13 Devyani Chandan BE Computer Zensar
14 Arbaaz Shaikh BE Computer Zensar
15 Jincy Biju BE Computer Zensar
16 Niti Shinde BE Computer Zensar
17 Sidharth Rane BE Computer Zensar
18 Tejasvi Gadakh BE Computer Zensar
19 Sushant Patil BE Computer Zensar
20 Vivek Sharma BE Computer TCS
21 Rahul Soni BE Computer TCS
22 Pratiksha Jatti BE Computer TCS
23 Gopika Nair BE Computer TCS
24 Muke Smita Bhalanchandra BE Computer TCS
25 Pushkar Ghogare BE Computer TCS
26 Shashank Hunashimarad BE Computer TCS
27 Nikhil Padole BE Computer TCS
28 Apurva Sawant BE Computer TCS
29 Mrinal Bhangale BE Computer TCS
30 Prajakta Kanase BE Computer TCS
31 Hrishikesh Lokhande BE Computer TCS
32 Arbaaz Shaikh BE Computer TCS
33 Kakani Papaiah BE Computer TCS
34 Gautami Mudaliar BE Computer TCS
35 Aadil Shaikh BE Computer TCS
36 Ashish Amlani BE Computer TCS
37 Chaitnya Samal BE Computer TCS
38 Neha Rathod BE Computer TCS
39 Shamal Pawar BE Computer TCS
40 Sujay Patil BE Computer TCS
41 Nitesh Bhatt BE Computer TCS
42 Parv Javheri BE Computer TCS
43 Kirti Chiplunkar BE Computer Arxxus
44 Hrishikesh Lokhande BE Computer Arxxus
45 Shanaya Shah BE Computer Hitachi Consulting
46 Gopika Nair BE Computer Hitachi Consulting
47 Vishakha Deshmukh BE Computer Bristlecone
48 Dhanashri Kadam BE Computer Bristlecone
49 Vedika Chandel BE Computer Bristlecone
50 Shubham Kasar BE Computer Bristlecone
51 Amul Singh BE Computer Bristlecone
52 Sneha Kulkarni BE Computer Bristlecone
53 Aditya Banshkar BE Computer Bristlecone
54 Nitesh Bhatt BE Computer Bristlecone
55 Nikhil Pawar BE Computer Bristlecone
56 Rushikesh Thakur BE Computer Blazeclan Technologies
57 Vaibhav Kumar Singh BE Computer Blazeclan Technologies
58 Bilal Shaikh BE Computer I Research
59 Harshal Divekar BE Computer Birlasoft
60 Abhijeet Dhamdhere BE Computer Birlasoft
61 Shekhar Bhorade BE Computer Birlasoft
62 Maariyaah Sayyad BE Computer Birlasoft
63 Mrunali Waghmare BE Computer Birlasoft
64 Prajakta Apte BE Computer Birlasoft
65 Nikul Patel BE Computer Enzigma Soft. Pvt. Ltd.
66 Nitesh Bhatt BE Computer NTT Data Services
67 Yash Sandipkumar Neriya BE Computer Atos Syntel
68 Sharma Geetanshi BE Computer Atos Syntel
69 K Venkat Shrikant Babu BE Computer Atos Syntel
70 Kaustubh Kailas Wagh BE Computer Atos Syntel
71 Nikhil Vilas Padole BE Computer Atos Syntel
72 Nikhil N Jagallo BE Computer Atos Syntel
73 Aadil Shaikh BE Computer FIS Global
74 Aditya Banshkar BE Computer FIS Global
75 Gautami Mudaliar BE Computer FIS Global
76 Geetanshi Sharma BE Computer FIS Global
77 Jaymala Pawar BE Computer FIS Global
78 Jincy Biju BE Computer FIS Global
79 Mrinal Bhangale BE Computer FIS Global
80 sayali jawade BE Computer FIS Global
81 Shekhar Bhorade BE Computer FIS Global
82 Siddharth Rane BE Computer FIS Global
83 Tejasvi Gadakh BE Computer FIS Global
84 Vaibhav Singh BE Computer FIS Global
85 Vishakha Deshmukh BE Computer FIS Global
86 Shedge Abhijit BE Computer Tech Mahindra
87 Kalamkar Pratiksha BE Computer Tech Mahindra
88 Patil Rupali BE Computer Tech Mahindra
89 Bhandari Shraddha S. BE Computer Cognizant
90 Jagallo Nikhil N. BE Computer Cognizant
91 Bhonkar Hitesh M. BE Computer Cognizant
92 K Venkat Shrikant Babu BE Computer Cognizant
93 Jawade Sayali S. BE Computer Cognizant
94 Dike Aarti P. BE Computer Cognizant
95 Kalamkar Pratiksha BE Computer Cognizant
96 Hongekar Suman S. BE Computer Cognizant
97 Padole Nikhil BE Computer IBM
98 Amlani Ashish BE Computer IBM
99 Bhatt Nitesh BE Computer IBM
100 Chaudhari Tejaswini BE Computer IBM
101 Vivek Sharma BE Computer Winjit Technologies
102 Amul Singh BE Computer Winjit Technologies
103 Harshal Himmat Divekar BE Computer Infosys
104 Shubham Milind Kasar BE Computer Infosys
105 Hrishikesh Ashok Lokhande BE Computer Infosys
106 Avinash Shivaji Ugale BE Computer Infosys
107 Prajakta Prakash Kanase BE Computer Infosys
108 Neha Suresh Rathod BE Computer Infosys
109 Kharche Meghna Nitin BE Computer FIS Global
110 Krishna Dhannawat BE Computer Square Yards
111 Abhishek Patil BE Computer Extramarks
112 Sonawane Harshwardhan BE Computer Amazon
113 Nadaf Sohail BE Computer Amazon
114 Mrunal Prakashsingh Pardeshi BE Computer Infosys
115 Rutuja Shinde BE Computer Teradata
116 Rutuja R. Sonawane BE Computer Mphasis Ltd.
117 Vishal C. Batheja BE Computer Mphasis Ltd.
118 Mrunali Waghmare BE Computer Concentrix
119 Venkata Babu BE Computer Concentrix
120 Gunjan Kshirsagar BE Computer Concentrix
121 Ajinkya Babar BE Computer Quality Kiosk Technologies
122 Vithal Karad BE Computer Quality Kiosk Technologies
123 Maryann Thomas BE Computer Quality Kiosk Technologies
124 Rupali Khavane BE Computer Quality Kiosk Technologies
125 Sarthak Ighe BE Computer Quality Kiosk Technologies
126 Aishwarya Borate BE Computer Quality Kiosk Technologies
127 Dhamdhere Abhijeet Pradeep BE Computer Jaro Group
128 Shubham Basagare BE Computer Tudip Technologies
129 Rahul Soni BE Computer Concentrix
130 Abhijit Shedge BE Computer Concentrix
131 Pratik Angre BE Computer Concentrix
132 Ashish Amlani BE Computer NTT Data
133 Parv Javheri BE Computer NTT Data
134 Shamal Pawar BE Computer NTT Data
135 Smita Muke BE Computer NTT Data
136 Sushant Patil BE Computer NTT Data
137 Venkata Babu BE Computer NTT Data
138 Vijayalaxmi Shashikant Bhambure BE Computer Infosys
139 Dhanshree Kadam BE Computer Concentrix
140 Divyani Chandan BE Computer Concentrix
141 Rutuja Sonawane BE Computer Concentrix
142 Annam Omkar Arjun BE Computer Neilsoft
143 Nitin Bhausaheb Aamale BE Computer Capgemini
144 Aamale Nitin Bhausaheb BE Computer Quality Kiosk Technologies
145 Nikul Govardhan Patel BE Computer Capgemini
146 Pratiksha Prabhuling Jatti BE Computer Capgemini
147 Shubham Milind Kasar BE Computer Capgemini
148 Shinde Jaypal Shamrao BE Computer Concentrix
149 Shinde Aniket Bhausaheb BE Computer Concentrix
150 Kirti Chiplunkar BE Computer Screen Magic
151 Hrishikesh Lokhande BE Computer Screen Magic
152 Aarti Dike BE Computer Concentrix
153 Krishnakant Khedkar BE Computer Concentrix
154 Vishal Batheja BE Computer Concentrix
155 Pratiksha Jagtap BE Computer Concentrix
156 Vivek Sharma BE Computer Prototech Solutions
157 Pathak Adarsh BE Computer BYJU’S
158 Vishvambhar Deshpande BE Computer BYJU’S
159 Shubham Mutha BE Computer BYJU’S
160 Shubham Mutha  (IInd Shift BE Computer Raam Group
161 Rency Kumbhani BE Computer Handmade Gifts
162 Prithvi Chaudhari BE IT Bristlecone
163 Risha Rupawat BE IT Bristlecone
164 Mansi Thak BE IT Bristlecone
165 Revati Awale BE IT Bristlecone
166 Niyanta Lad BE IT Bristlecone
167 Dhanesh Lunkad BE IT Bristlecone
168 Anushi Agarwal BE IT Bristlecone
169 Vedant Ghavate BE IT Tata Consultancy Services Limited
170 Garima Ghatge BE IT Tata Consultancy Services Limited
171 Yogesh Thadani BE IT Tata Consultancy Services Limited
172 Nikhil Chougula BE IT Tata Consultancy Services Limited
173 Kshipra Dhame BE IT Tata Consultancy Services Limited
174 Vedant Ghavate BE IT Zensar
175 Ghatge Garima Vinay BE IT Zensar
176  Mundada Dhanashri Mahesh BE IT Zensar
177 Deshmukh Pranav Chandrasekhar BE IT Zensar
178 Ingale Vrushali Kishor BE IT Zensar
179 Gagandeep Singh Thethi BE IT Zensar
180 Kshipra Dhame BE IT L&T Infotech
181 Vishaka Mandge BE IT L&T Infotech
182 Aliya Shaikh BE IT L&T Infotech
183 Rijil Daniel BE IT Blazeclan Technologies Pvt. Ltd
184 Jignesh Tanna BE IT Birlasoft
185 Hrutik Kandhare BE IT Birlasoft
186 Leona Sam BE IT Birlasoft
187 Seona Sam BE IT Birlasoft
188 Pranali Zingare BE IT Birlasoft
189 Anurag Kiran Yadav BE IT VTest
190 Bhongale Sourabh Dattatray BE IT CAPITA
191 Dongare Milka Roben BE IT Bajaj Finserv
192 Dongare Milka Roben BE IT Hinduja Global Solutions
193 Mankar Esha Vikas BE IT Bajaj Finserv
194 Mankar Esha Vikas BE IT Hinduja Global Solutions
195 Mokashi Sarthak Prakash BE IT Enzigma Soft. Pvt. Ltd.
196 Kakde Anup Ruprao BE IT Enzigma Soft. Pvt. Ltd.
197 Jadhav Vinay Harishchandra BE IT Enzigma Soft. Pvt. Ltd.
198 Rushikesh Sutar BE IT NTT Data Services
199 Swarali Shah BE IT NTT Data Services
200 Rushikesh Sanjiv Sutar BE IT Atos Syntel
201 Swarali Shah BE IT Atos Syntel
202 Riya Rakesh Jain BE IT Atos Syntel
203 Garima Ghatge BE IT FIS Global
204 Daniel Rijil BE IT IBM
205 Mahajan Shubham Dattatraya BE IT XDBS Pvt Ltd
206 Dhanesh Mahendra Lunkad BE IT Infosys
207 Dhanashri Mahesh Mundada BE IT Infosys
208 Pratiksha Ramesh Raut BE IT Infosys
209 Pushpak Sanjay Khamkar BE IT Infosys
210 Arnav Sudhir Deshmukh BE IT Infosys
211 Kothari Neha Harshkumar BE IT FIS Global
212 Pranav Deshmukh BE IT Extramarks
213 Lokhande Lalitkumar BE IT Amazon
214 Anamika Sarkar BE IT Infosys
215 Rushikesh Sanjiv Sutar BE IT Infosys
216 Pranali Dilip Zingre BE IT Infosys
217 Simran Sayyed BE IT Teradata
218 Ganesh Bayas BE IT Teradata
219 Shubham Kalekar BE IT Teradata
220 Anushi Agarwal BE IT Concentrix
221 Vishakha Mandge BE IT Concentrix
222 Nikhil Choughule BE IT Quality Kiosk Technologies
223 Vaishnavi Bhagwat BE IT Quality Kiosk Technologies
224 Lalitkumar Lokhande BE IT Tudip Technologies
225 Charudatta Kapade BE IT Innover Systems
226 Rushikesh Kurankar BE IT Minecraft
227 Shubham Kalekar BE IT Atos Syntel
228 Ankit Todi BE IT Toppr Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
229 Kirti Salve BE IT Concentrix
230 Diksha Kadam BE IT Raam Group
231 Mayur Dhokras BE IT Raam Group
232 Saurabh Kandekar BE IT Splaso Technologies
233 Kirti Salve BE IT Attra Infotech Pvt Ltd
234 Dipti Pagar BE IT Coreco Technologies
235 Vishaka Mandge BE IT TIAA Global Business Services
236 Priyanka Sunil Kumbhar BE IT The S K Group India
237 Shruti Bendale BE IT Vertex Financial Solutions
238 Aseem Satish Bhope BE E&TC Bristlecone
239 Devikesh Shende BE E&TC Bristlecone
240 Omkar Tingre BE E&TC Bristlecone
241 Vivek Jadhav BE E&TC TCS
242 Anand Gundecha BE E&TC TCS
243 Omkar Tingre BE E&TC TCS
244 Jayesh Kothawade BE E&TC TCS
245 Meenu Krishna BE E&TC TCS
246 Devali Dipesh BE E&TC TCS
247 Suraj Hipparge BE E&TC I Research Services
248 Aditya Saraiya BE E&TC I Research Services
249 Aditya Ganeshkar BE E&TC I Research Services
250 Bipin Gaikwad BE E&TC I Research Services
251 Shalaka Patil BE E&TC I Research Services
252 Rujuta Rathod BE E&TC I Research Services
253 Akanksha Dalvi BE E&TC I Research Services
254 Pawan Kumar BE E&TC I Research Services
255 Deepak Singh Rawat BE E&TC I Research Services
256 Mahesh Mote BE E&TC Blazeclan Technologies Pvt. Ltd
257 Ritija Gupta BE E&TC Birlasoft
258 Kaushal Pathak BE E&TC Birlasoft
259 Aditya Saraiya BE E&TC Birlasoft
260 Ganesh Kakde BE E&TC Johnson Control India
261 Vivek Jadhav BE E&TC Johnson Control India
262 Kadam Ankita BE E&TC IBM
263 Sagar Patil BE E&TC Minilec India Pvt Ltd
264 Tejas Yeole BE E&TC Minilec India Pvt Ltd
265 Aniket Bhor BE E&TC Hinduja Global Solutions
266 Revan Subhash Patil BE E&TC Infosys
267 Ankita Ravindra Kadam BE E&TC Infosys
268 Kumar Rajnish BE E&TC Cognizant
269 Gavhane Someshwar V. BE E&TC Cognizant
270 Pergu Narendra V. BE E&TC Cognizant
271 Gahlaut Shivank BE E&TC Cognizant
272 Kamble Sanmay Narendra BE E&TC Hexaware
273 Shubham Umesh Awati BE E&TC Hexaware
274 Anurag Ingale BE E&TC Square Yards
275 Ruturaj Dhakate BE E&TC Square Yards
276 Garima Pandey BE E&TC Square Yards
277 Rajat Suri BE E&TC Square Yards
278 Aditya Ganeshkar BE E&TC Square Yards
279 Durgesh Pandey BE E&TC Square Yards
280 Prakash Parihar BE E&TC Square Yards
281  Mahewash Qudsi BE E&TC Screen Magic
282 Garima Pandey BE E&TC Extramarks
283 Shivank Gahlaut BE E&TC Extramarks
284 Yash Dhole BE E&TC Extramarks
285 Manasi Ajay Nirhali BE E&TC Extramarks
286 Kapare Venktesh BE E&TC Amazon
287 Jakate Prajkta BE E&TC Amazon
288 Ugale Ankita BE E&TC Amazon
289 Hipparge Suraj BE E&TC Amazon
290 Dhakate Ruturaj BE E&TC Amazon
291 Rokade Krushnaraj BE E&TC Amazon
292 Gaikwad Bipin BE E&TC Amazon
293 Chitte Hitesh BE E&TC Amazon
294 Shivank Gahlut BE E&TC Johnson Control
295 Khushali Popat BE E&TC Ensight Global
296 Pawan Kumar BE E&TC Mphasis Ltd.
297 Shivam J. Gupta BE E&TC Mphasis Ltd.
298 Shraddha D. Jadhav BE E&TC Mphasis Ltd.
299 Rajat Suri BE E&TC Mphasis Ltd.
300 Rujuta Rathod BE E&TC Mphasis Ltd.
301 Sajid Shaikh BE E&TC Mphasis Ltd.
302 Shaikh Parvez BE E&TC Concentrix
303 Pratik Jadhav BE E&TC Concentrix
304 Yash Vispute BE E&TC Concentrix
305 Apurva Ghume BE E&TC Concentrix
306 Shivank Gahlaut BE E&TC Concentrix
307 Ruturaj Dhakate BE E&TC Concentrix
308 Anirudh Kasarlawar BE E&TC Concentrix
309 Prajakta Jakate BE E&TC Concentrix
310 Shaikh Ahmed BE E&TC Quality Kiosk Technologies
311 Bipin Gaikwad BE E&TC Quality Kiosk Technologies
312 Sanmay Kamble BE E&TC Quality Kiosk Technologies
313 Deepak Rawat BE E&TC Quality Kiosk Technologies
314 Apurva Ghume BE E&TC Quality Kiosk Technologies
315 Harsh Piparwar BE E&TC Quality Kiosk Technologies
316 Rushikesh Salve BE E&TC Quality Kiosk Technologies
317 Aditi Khodve BE E&TC Quality Kiosk Technologies
318 Namrata Bawane BE E&TC Quality Kiosk Technologies
319 Prasad Padekar BE E&TC Quality Kiosk Technologies
320 Pandey Garima BE E&TC Jaro Group
322 Durgesh Pandey BE E&TC Amazon
323 Meenu Krishna BE E&TC Tudip Technologies
324 Shivam Gupta BE E&TC Tudip Technologies
325 Durgesh Pandey BE E&TC Concentrix
326 Shraddha Patil BE E&TC Concentrix
327 Shivam Vijay Sherkar BE E&TC Infosys
328 Abrar Ahmed BE E&TC Infosys
329 Shaikh Ahmed Parvez BE E&TC Concentrix
330 HARDIK VYAS BE E&TC Concentrix
331 Kshirsagar Ruchita Ramdas BE E&TC Concentrix
332 Nikita Shatrughna Fere BE E&TC Concentrix
333 Pratik Pitambar Nalwade BE E&TC Just Dial
334 Deepak Singh Rawat BE E&TC Capgemini
335 Biradar Avinash BE E&TC Concentrix
336 Paleriya Darshan BE E&TC Concentrix
337 Devali Dipesh Mahabaleshwar BE E&TC Concentrix
338 Pawar Pravin BE E&TC Concentrix
339 Aditi Sharma BE E&TC Concentrix
340 Abrar Ahmed BE E&TC Concentrix
341 Saurabh Baviskar BE E&TC Concentrix
342 Jayesh Kothawade BE E&TC Concentrix
343 Harshada Bhojane BE E&TC Concentrix
344 Shubham Jadhav BE E&TC Concentrix
345 Smita Raut BE E&TC Concentrix
346 Shubham Dalal BE E&TC Concentrix
347 Hitesh Chitte BE E&TC Concentrix
348 Rajat Suri BE E&TC Concentrix
349 Pooja Bhore BE E&TC Concentrix
350 Aniket Jadhav BE E&TC Concentrix
351 Kedar Kulkarni BE E&TC Concentrix
352 Pratik Nalwade BE E&TC Concentrix
353 Shivam Gupta BE E&TC Concentrix
354 Pallavi Lokare BE E&TC Concentrix
355 Pallavi Lokare BE E&TC Injo Technical Services
356 Damini Gujar BE E&TC Concentrix
357 Tejal Kendre BE E&TC Concentrix
358 Ibrahim Shaikh BE E&TC Raam Group
359 Pratiksha Gore BE E&TC Raam Group
360 Rajat Suri BE E&TC Raam Group
361 Ritija Gupta BE E&TC BYJU’S
362 Anurag Ingale BE E&TC BYJU’S
363 Pawan Kumar BE E&TC BYJU’S
364 Nikita Fere  – BE E&TC Ever Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
365 Poonam Molawade- BE E&TC Ever Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
366 Preeti Khirsagar – BE E&TC Ever Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
367 Sapna Awale – BE E&TC Ever Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
368 Priyanka Kale- BE E&TC Ever Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
369 Harshada Bhojane- BE E&TC Ever Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
370 Saurabh Baviskar- BE E&TC Ever Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
371 Pooja Bhore- BE E&TC Ever Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
372 Trupti Gargade- BE E&TC Ever Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
373 Apurva Chaudhary- BE E&TC Ever Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
374 Apurva Chaudhary- BE E&TC Abhinav Electricals & Engg. Services
375 Radhika Yadav- BE E&TC Ever Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
376 Devaki Chandgude – BE E&TC Ever Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
377 Devaki Chandgude – BE E&TC Abhinav Electricals & Engg. Services
378 Prajakta Bagul- BE E&TC Ever Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
379 Kajari Nikalje – BE E&TC Ever Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
380 Himani Waghulde BE E&TC Ever Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
381 Suraj Kurdekar BE E&TC Tata Communications Transformation Servoces Ltd.
382 Shubham Pawar BE E&TC Alpha Techsys Automation LLP
383 madhav pawar BE E&TC Phi Audiocom Systems Pvt. Ltd.
384 Baviskar Saurabh BE E&TC Phi Audiocom Systems Pvt. Ltd.
385 Nalawade Pratik BE E&TC Phi Audiocom Systems Pvt. Ltd.
386 Hariom Khatavkar BE E&TC Joister
387 Kedar Kulkarni BE E&TC ArrayPOINTER
388 Revan Subhash Patil BE E&TC Eclerx
389 Rutuja Rathod BE E&TC Eclerx
390 Hitesh Chitte BE E&TC Eclerx
391 Rishikesh Sawant BE E&TC Emerson
392 Vaibhav Jagtap BE E&TC Suma Soft Pvt. Ltd.
393 Pawan Mahajan BE E&TC Suma Soft Pvt. Ltd.
394 Sayali Wadkar BE E&TC Rootcare Technology
395 Sarvesh S. Diwane BE E&TC Viraj Infosoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
396 Abhishek Parte BE E&TC XL Dynamics Pvt Ltd
397 Ashish R. Salunke BE E&TC Renu Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
398 Aniket Tarate BE E&TC Revine Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
399 Aparna Singh BE Electronics Bristlecone
400 Bhagyashri Desai BE Electronics Bristlecone
401 Shawan Kumar BE Electronics TCS
402 Sayee Sabnis BE Electronics Hitech informatics pvt ltd
403 Alamkar Muluk BE Electronics Amazon
404 Darshan Swami BE Electronics TCS
405 Anand Nair BE Electronics Square Yards
406 Yangzin Chuskit BE Electronics Square Yards
407 Anand Nair BE Electronics Extramarks
408 Aparna Singh BE Electronics Johnson Control
409 Darshan Swami BE Electronics Johnson Control
410 Pooja Jagtap BE Electronics Concentrix
411 Adwait Pitale BE Electronics Toppr Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
412 Raina Chilcy BE Electronics Concentrix
413 Chilcy Raina BE Electronics Raam Group
414 Bhagirath Dalve-Electronics BE Electronics Ever Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
415  Krishna Vharangale -Electronics BE Electronics Ever Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
416  Pawan Khaire-Electronics BE Electronics Ever Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
417  Sachin Hore -Electronics BE Electronics Ever Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
418 Krushna Dinkar Vharanagle BE Electronics Ever Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
419 Suraj Supekar BE ELECTRICAL I Research Services
420 Pratik Maskar BE ELECTRICAL I Research Services
421 Swaraj Gawande BE ELECTRICAL I Research Services
422 Swaraj Gawande BE ELECTRICAL Birlasoft
423 Neha Hukumchand Mahajan BE ELECTRICAL Infosys
424 Pratik Maskar BE ELECTRICAL Square Yards
425 Ajinkya Patil BE ELECTRICAL Square Yards
426 Chaitanya Paradkar BE ELECTRICAL Square Yards
427 Suraj R Supekar BE ELECTRICAL Screen Magic
428 Mugdha Shembade BE ELECTRICAL Screen Magic
429 Wankhade Apurva BE ELECTRICAL Amazon
430 Lonkar Mrudula BE ELECTRICAL Amazon
431 Pratik P. Maskar BE ELECTRICAL Mphasis Ltd.
432 Aditya Narkhede BE ELECTRICAL Concentrix
433 Apurva Wankhede BE ELECTRICAL Concentrix
434 Nihal Mansuri BE ELECTRICAL Concentrix
435 Nikhil Bhadake BE ELECTRICAL Concentrix
436 Krushna Ghene BE ELECTRICAL Concentrix
437 Pratik Maskare BE ELECTRICAL Concentrix
438 Mrudula Lonkar BE ELECTRICAL Concentrix
439 Ishwari Deshmukh BE ELECTRICAL Quality Kiosk Technologies
440 Nihal Mansuri BE ELECTRICAL Quality Kiosk Technologies
441 Krushna Ghene BE ELECTRICAL Quality Kiosk Technologies
442 Anand Jadhav BE ELECTRICAL Quality Kiosk Technologies
443 Swaraj Gawande BE ELECTRICAL Amazon
444 Anand Jadhav BE ELECTRICAL Toppr Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
445 Akash Dalvi BE ELECTRICAL Concentrix
446 Keshav Mutkule BE ELECTRICAL Fanuc India
447 Suraj Ramesh Supekar BE ELECTRICAL Neilsoft
448 Mrudula Prasad Lonkar BE ELECTRICAL Neilsoft
449 Akash  Suryawanshi. BE ELECTRICAL Balaji Engg. Enterprises,
450 Suraj Supekar BE ELECTRICAL Amazon
451 Parbat Sammruddhi BE ELECTRICAL Concentrix
452 Sawant Shubham BE ELECTRICAL Concentrix
453  Kamble Disha Deepak BE ELECTRICAL Concentrix
454 Shelake Nilam Laxmikant BE ELECTRICAL Concentrix
455 Salunke Yogesh Dattu BE ELECTRICAL Concentrix
456 Kulkarni Aishwarya Anil BE ELECTRICAL Concentrix
457 Anjali Phasale BE ELECTRICAL Concentrix
458 Aditi Chimanpure BE ELECTRICAL Concentrix
459 Chaitanya Paradkar BE ELECTRICAL Concentrix
460 Pagare Sudesh Ramesh BE ELECTRICAL Concentrix
461 Prajakta Pandkar BE ELECTRICAL Concentrix
462 Vishavambhar Urmode BE ELECTRICAL Concentrix
463 Neha Mahajan BE ELECTRICAL Concentrix
464 Nishant Mirashe BE ELECTRICAL Concentrix
465 Yogesh Sartape BE ELECTRICAL Concentrix
466 Manikya Sujlegaonkar BE ELECTRICAL Concentrix
467 Bhagwat Nimbalkar BE ELECTRICAL Concentrix
468 Bhadake Nikhil BE ELECTRICAL BYJU’S
469 Samruddhi Parab BE ELECTRICAL Polyrub Cooperstandard FTS Pvt. Ltd
470 Shreehari Balwadkar BE ELECTRICAL Sedemac Mechatronics
471 Shreehari Balwadkar BE ELECTRICAL J M J Services
472 Anand Jadhav BE ELECTRICAL Haygot services pvt ltd
473 Shrawani N. Deshpande BE ELECTRICAL Messung Systems Pvt. Ltd.
474 Shubham Chaudhari BE ELECTRICAL Messung Systems Pvt. Ltd.
475 Pratik Hole BE ELECTRICAL Sigma Electric Manufacturing Corporation, Pune
476 Anjali Phasale BE ELECTRICAL Eetamax Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd., Pune.
477 Akash Dalavi BE ELECTRICAL Sedemac Mechatronics, Chakan, Pune
478 Bhagyashri Patil BE ELECTRICAL Innotec robotics & Automation Solutions
479 Avinash U. Gupte BE ELECTRICAL Bakebest Foods Pvt. Ltd.
480 Ranveer Singh BE Instrumentation TCS
481 Subhash Konar BE Instrumentation I Research Services
482 Shubham Mule BE Instrumentation Insight Success
483 Kiran Lanke BE Instrumentation Johnson Control India
484 Somesh Thombare BE Instrumentation Johnson Control India
485 Saurabh Khamgaonkar BE Instrumentation Sap Engineers
486 Subhash Konar BE Instrumentation Johnson Control
487 Saurabh Tiwade BE Instrumentation Johnson Control
488 Thombre Shravani Sandeep BE Instrumentation Amazon
489 Mahendra Khaire BE Instrumentation Just Dial
490 Omkar Joshi BE Instrumentation Concentrix
491 Pooja Birajdar BE Instrumentation Concentrix
492 Shamal Sudam Gund BE Instrumentation Thermax
493 Shravani Thombre BE Instrumentation Thermax
494 Saurabh Sharad Khamgaonkar BE Instrumentation Thermax
495 Kedar wavare BE Instrumentation BYJU’S
496 Sanghavi Chirag BE Instrumentation Parishram Enterprises
497 Badve Mahesh BE Instrumentation AMB Group
498 Aher Sourabh S. BE Instrumentation S.S.Enterprises
499 Satej Bodhe BE Instrumentation Vighnharta Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
500 Kulkarni Swaraj Makrand BE Instrumentation V- Cube Electricals
501 Sanket More BE Instrumentation Sinteg Technologies
502 Shubham M. Chaudhari BE Instrumentation Sinteg Technologies
Activities Conducted
Sr. No. Name Of the Company Training Activities
1 Training & Placement Dept. AISSMS IOIT College. Interactive Sessions on “Placement Awareness” Discussion & Guidelines related to Training & Placement.
2 ETHNUS BANGLORE Company Specific Training ( Employability Skill Enhancement Workshop)
3 Vidyalankar Association,      GATE CONCEPT SEMINAR Opportunities in PSUs, Core Industries, MNC & Corporates
4 Vidyalankar Association,      GATE CONCEPT SEMINAR Opportunities in PSUs, Core Industries, MNC & Corporates
5 Session on National Employability Assessment Test (AMCAT) National Employability Assessment Test
6 Session By Dr. P.B.Mane, Principal, AISSMS IOIT Session for Unplaced Students
7 BE Group Discussion Session BE Student Group Discussion Preperation for Company Drive
Industrial Training
Sr. No. Name of the company Name of the students Department
1 Gayatri Traders Gauri Deshmukh BE Instru
2 Gayatri Traders Prajakta Mahale BE Instru
3 S. S. Enterprises Saurabh Aher BE Instru
4 Madhav Capacitors Pvt. Ltd. Bhagwat Nimbalkar BE Electrical
5 L&T Infotech Janhavi Deoghare TE Comp
6 Techno Start Kshipra Dhame BE IT
7 Indian Meteorological Department Deepa Patil BE E&TC
8 Indian Meteorological Department Krishnaraj Rokade BE E&TC
9 Indian Meteorological Department Ashish Salunke BE E&TC
10 V Kumar Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Vijayalakshmi Bhambure BE Comp
11 Anexpertise Gagandeep Singh Thethi BE IT
12 Anexpertise Pushpak Khamkar BE IT
13 Anexpertise Dhanashri Mundada BE IT
14 Anexpertise Swarali Shah BE IT
15 Skills Café Riya Jain BE IT
16 Nishitronics Instrumentation Shubham Gadekar BE Instru
17 Nishitronics Instrumentation Dhavalsinh Bhosale BE Instru
18 Brilliant Industries Saurabh Khamgaonkar BE Instru
19 DRDO R&DE Pawankumar Madhav Hanmante BE E&TC
20 Emastro Technology Pvt. Ltd. Darshan Swami BE E&TC
21 Orion Industries Rishabh Sonawane BE E&TC
22 Tirumala Facility Management India LLP Ifrah Nawaz Khan BE Instru
23 Tirumala Facility Management India LLP Pranav Dalvi BE Instru
24 Tirumala Facility Management India LLP Pranav Pawar BE Instru
25 Cognologix Technology Pvt. Ltd. Shubham Milind Kasar BE Comp
26 Vewgae Softech Pvt. Ltd. Riya Dhokaria BE E&TC
27 Vewgae Softech Pvt. Ltd. Aseem Bhope BE E&TC
28 Vewgae Softech Pvt. Ltd. Apurva Chaskar BE E&TC
29 Trimurthy Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. Swaraj Gawande BE Electrical
30 DOCORP Services Akash Shitole BE IT
31 DOCORP Services Anup Kakde BE IT
32 DOCORP Services Piyush Kinhale BE IT
33 DOCORP Services Vinay Jadhav BE IT
34 Earth Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Siddharth Rane BE Comp
35 BMC Software Neha Kothari BE IT
36 Vritti Solutions Ltd. Nidhi Shah TE IT
37 Vritti Solutions Ltd. Vanshika Singh TE IT
38 Insta Data Systems Vedant Ghavate BE IT
39 Royal Engineering and Solution Nandlal Lambole TE Comp
40 Royal Engineering and Solution Suraj Nittule TE Comp
41 Royal Engineering and Solution Vivek Owhal TE Comp
42 Bharat Forge Ltd. Poonam Molawade BE E&TC
43 Bharat Forge Ltd. Tarika Nagda BE E&TC
44 Bharat Forge Ltd. Nayan S. Pangare BE E&TC
45 Bharat Forge Ltd. Mubasheer A. Shaikh BE E&TC
46 Prompt ERP Ltd. Khuchali BE E&TC
47 Godrej Eternia-A Pooja Khandelwal TE Comp
48 Madhav Capacitors Pvt. Ltd. Yogesh Salunkhe BE Electrical
49 Madhav Capacitors Pvt. Ltd. Krushna Ghene BE Electrical
50 Madhav Capacitors Pvt. Ltd. Sandip R Gaikwad BE Electrical
51 Madhav Capacitors Pvt. Ltd. Bhagwat Nimbalkar BE Electrical
52 Volkswagen India Pvt. Ltd. Mayur Kiran Dokras BE IT
53 Newgen Softech Pvt. Ltd. Aditya Ganeshkar BE E&TC
54 Newgen Softech Pvt. Ltd. Sanchita Y. Lawande BE E&TC
55 Newgen Softech Pvt. Ltd. Kalyani Ashtikar BE E&TC
56 Scope T&M Pvt. Ltd. (RSD) Sanmay N. Kamble BE E&TC
57 Scope T&M Pvt. Ltd. (RSD) Prasad N. Padekar BE E&TC
58 Pentagon Assembly Automation Pvt. Ltd. Neha Pophale BE E&TC
59 XDBS Priyanka Gaikawd BE COmp
60 Climate Research & Servisec Saurabh Khamgaonkar BE Instru
61 Climate Research & Servisec Kapil Kulkarni BE Instru
62 Tech Smart Systems Yash J. Kasat TE Computer
63 Tech Smart Systems Deep Patadiya TE Computer
64 Tech Smart Systems Nikhil Mandale TE Computer
65 Tech Smart Systems Rishabh Jagtap TE Computer
66 Tech Smart Systems Surabhi Kungare TE Computer
67 Indian Meteorological Department Akanksha Bhosale BE Instru
68 Indian Meteorological Department Shamal Gund BE Instru
69 Indian Meteorological Department Kulkarni Swaraj BE Instru
70 Sriveda Electrical’s Anjali C. Phasale BE Electrical
71 Sriveda Electrical’s Aditi P. Chimanpure BE Electrical
72 Sriveda Electrical’s Nilam L. Shelake BE Electrical
73 Sriveda Electrical’s Ishwari Deshmukh BE Electrical
74 Mercedes Benz India Pvt. Ltd. Faisal Khan BE E&TC
75 D- TAP V Automation Akshay Balapure BE Electronics
76 D- TAP V Automation  Sushil Andure BE Electronics
77 D- TAP V Automation  Rajan Rangwal BE Electronics
78 D- TAP V Automation Ram Taur. BE Electronics
79 Bizmo Technologies Shraddha Bathia BE E&TC
80 MSPGCL, Tharmal Power Plant Hrucha Santosh Wankhade SE E&TC
81 Sunflag Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. Rahul B. Bhure BE E&TC
82 Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital Shreya Ghosalkar TE Instru
83 MaharashtraState Power Genration Company, Rahul Avhad TE Electrical
84 Vertiv Energy Pvt. Ltd. Saket Godse TE Instru
85 Tata Motors Pvt. Ltd. Vishal Jambagi TE Instru
86 Chief Engineer,JKPTCL, Himanshu Pandita. TE Electrical
87 UPL Ltd. Suyog Pradip Patil. TE Instru
88 TATA Motors, Shweta Jagtap TE Computer
89 Sr. DSTE (co) Nagpur Division, Sitabuadi, Kakshi V. Dongre. TE Computer
90 Apatara Kanchan Ghumre BE Computer
91 Bit Electronics Systems Vishal Thengal TE Instru
92 RV Automation Abhishek Kadam TE Instru
93 Janiv Ajinkya Nikam TE Computer
94 Manas Microsystems Pvt.Ltd. Aniket Badekar. TE Instru
95 Zensar Technologies, Khan Nida. TE E&TC