Research and Development Coordinator: Dr. Rakesh B. Dhumale

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Dr. Dhumale Rakesh Bapu, Associate Professor in the Artificial Intelligence & Data Science Department, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the academic arena. Holding a Ph.D. in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from Savitribai Phule Pune University, He has exhibited academic prowess throughout his career. He has accumulated a remarkable 15 years of experience in the field. He graduated with distinction in Electronics Engineering from TKIET, Warananagar, Kolhapur, in 2006, followed by a post-graduation in Electronics Technology from Shivaji University, Kolhapur, where he secured 77.05%.

His prolific research output includes 42 international journal papers, 30 contributions to conferences, 3 published patents, and 3 books. His academic contributions are underscored by 274 citations, an H-index of 08, and an I-10 index of 07. A proud IEEE member with membership number 93344436 and an LMISTE with ID LM131680.

Notably, he has secured funds for various projects, such as the 2022 IEEE HAC/SIGHT Project on “HAM Radio Set Up for Flood Prone Area,” receiving US $5,000. Additionally, his consultancy project with Fevino Industries LPP, Pune, titled “System and Method for Condition-based Maintenance,” earned him Rs. 95,808/-.

He has made significant contributions to the realm of research, particularly through funded projects supported by the Board of College and University Development (BCUD) at Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU). One notable project, funded with Rs. 3,00,000, focuses on the “Fault Detection and Diagnosis of Three Phase VSI using Discrete Wavelet Transform and Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Interface System.” In another impactful endeavor, he received Rs. 1,30,000 for a project titled “Life Cycle Monitoring of DC link Electrolytic Capacitor in Power Converter.”

The funding reflects the recognition of the project’s potential impact on the reliability and efficiency of power conversion systems.

Moreover, his involvement in the “National Conference on Latest Trends in Electronics (NCLTE 2013)” further demonstrates a dedication to academic engagement. This event, supported by Rs. 50,000 in funding under the Quality Improvement Program (QIP) by BCUD, SPPU, Pune, indicates an active role in promoting and participating in scholarly discourse.

The academician has a robust profile in terms of training, having attended 59 refresher courses, seminars, and workshops. He has organized more than 30 such events, conducted 6 industrial training sessions, and completed 7 online courses through the National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) and 5 courses through the AICTE Training and Learning (ATAL) program.

His activities extend beyond academia, with more than 40 guest lectures and participation as a session chair. His dedication has been recognized with awards such as the Honorable Mention Award in the APAC Region IEEE Communications Society 2021 “Internet for All Competition,” with a prize of US $500, and the Best Paper Award at the 2nd International Conference on Ideas, Innovation & Impact in Science & Technology in 2019.

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List of Recognized Research Guides


A)  PhD Completed students –

Sr No Name of PhD Student Name of Guide Topic Admission Completion
1. Ms Wankhade Megha M Dr S S Chorage Interpretation of EEG signals for efficient classification of motor tasks in
Brain Computer Interface.
8/08/2018 05/01/2024
2. Ms Kamble Vaishali Hanumant Dr M P Dale Multimodal Biometric Recognition using Transform based Features for Infants and Toddlers 27/11/2018 19/12/2023
3. Mr. Elgandelwar Sachin Dr V K Bairagi Analysis of EEG signals for early diagnosis of Alzheimer disease. 26/08/2016 31/10/2023
4. Mrs  V V Deshmukh Dr S S Chorage Investigation of microwave sensor for non-invasive  determination blood glucose concentration 2/05/2017 17/03/2023
5. Mrs. Pawar Shobha N Dr P B Mane Ultra low phase noise PLL frequency synthesizer for Ku band. 26/08/2016 26/07/2022
6. Ms Aparna Barbadekar Dr P M Patil Implementation and Performance Evaluation of Wireless Push System Using Smart Antenna 29/1/2020 24/06/2022
7. Mrs  S R Wadar Dr D S Bormane Hardware accelerators in RISC for multimedia applications 6/04/2017 1/07/2021
8. Mr A S Shirsat Dr D M Yadav Throughput improvement of Bluetooth in heterogeneous wireless network 6/03/2017 17/06/2021
9. Smt P P Gumaste Dr V K Bairagi Development of brain tumor detection algorithm based on MRI Images 2/05/2017 31/03/2021
10. Smt S K  Habbu Dr M P Dale Development of non-invasive  techniques for Blood Glucose estimation using Photoplethysmography 28/04/2017 19/03/2021
11. Mr Balasaheb Patil Dr P M Patil Image Inpainting based image mapping and object  removal 8/08/2017 25/11/2020
12. Mrs. Kanwade A B Dr V K Bairagi Design and development of non-invasive EMG analysis technique for various grades of COPD 15/3/2016 28/7/2020
13. Mrs A Y Dikshit Dr D S Bormane ECG segmentation and classification for arrhythmia detection using rough set theory 6/4/2017 14/07/2020
14. Smt A Amlapure Dr M P Dale Cardiac event detection and pattern classification using neuro-fuzzy approach 08/07/17 27/01/2020
15. Mrs. Harpale V K Dr V K Bairagi Brain seizure prediction using EEG signals 14/3/2016 16/12/2019
16. Mrs Belsre M H Dr P B Mane Performance analysis of space time block coded multiple output MIMO system in different channels 11/07/2017 9/11/2019
17. Mr Altaf O Mulani Dr P B Mane Area optimization of invisible digital image watermarking on reconfigurable platform 17/07/2017 10/06/2019


B)  PhD Pursuing Students – 

Sr No Name of PhD Students Name of Guide Topic Admission
1. Mr. Shirsat T G Dr V K Bairagi Ultramicroscopic imaging analysis for quality assurance of Metal alloys by quantifying particle scope 28/6/2016
2. Mr. Shinde K D Dr P B Mane Development of novel algorithm for smart inverter for high penetration of roof top solar energy in power utility secondary distribution network for next generation grid 15/3/2016
3. Mr. Joshi Sarang L Dr V K Bairagi Prosody conversion for Marathi language 04/05/2017
4. Mr Pawar Sugat Dr V M Wadhai Advanced Machine Learning approach for Classification and Prognosis of Gastric Cancer 6/3/2018
5. Mr Patil Milind Sahebrao Dr P B Mane Blind Image Quality Assessment for Multi Spectral/Modal Fused Images 5/3/2018
6. Mr Gajare Milind Pralhad Dr D K Shedge Performance analysis and enhancement of CMOS based current feedback amplifier for bioelectric signals 5/3/2018
7. Mr Itole Devendra Anant Dr P M Patil Relevance of Heterogeneous sketch-face photo recognition in forensic science laboratories 5/3/2018
8. Mr Sonawane Amol Dattatray Dr D S Bormane 4G based SAR analysis for anatomically based human head. 7/3/2018
9. Ms Tondewad Priyanka Sheshrao Dr M P Dale Effective Multi-sensor Remote Sensing Image Enhancement Using Transform Based Fusion Approach 27/11/2018
10. Ms Deshmukh Vinaya Yogesh Dr S S Chorage Parametric analysis of Multifunctional Reconfigurable Antenna array for Future Wireless Communication 7/3/2018
11. Ms Kakkeri Roopa Basawaraj Dr D S Bormane Detection of Temporomandibular joint Disorder using surface electromyography of masticatory muscles 6/3/2018
12. Ms Nandanwar Pratiksha Dilip Dr V M Wadhai Design & Implementation of Intelligent Integrated System For Detection & Analysis of Cervical Cancer Stages With Deep Learning Approach 6/3/2018
13. Mr Bhilegaonkar Sanjay Mukundrao Dr P B Mane Performance Evaluation of Compact High Efficiency Circularly Polarized Cavity Backed  Substrate Integrated Wave guide Mono pulse Tracking Antenna 7/3/2018
14. Mr Trikolikar Anand Anilrao Dr S L Lahudkar Investigation & Optimization for compactness of multiband Rectenna for Ambient RF Energy Harvesting 27/11/2018
15. Mr Tayade Vinod Pralhad Dr S L Lahudkar Design of Graphene based field effect transistor for variability immune low
power applications.
16. Ms Harale Aparna Madhavrao Dr V K Bairagi Automatic computer aided detection (CAD) system of lung cancer pulmonary nodule from CT images 6/3/2018
17. Ms Deo Sunita Ramchandra Dr S S Chorage Acceleration of MCMC Method Using Reconfigurable Hardware for Big
Data Processing
18. Ms Mali Manisha Dhondiram Dr S S Chorage Efficient cluster based MIMO-NOMA network for improving spectral efficiency 8/08/2018
19. Ms Kulkarni Vaishali Sanjay Dr S S Chorage Sensor Development for Diesel Particulate Filter Clogging Detection using Post Treatment Parameters 24/5/2019
20. Ms Lohar Mamata Vishvanath Dr S S Chorage Automatic Classification of Autism Spectrum Disorder from Brain Images using Image Fusion and Machine Learning Techniques 8/08/2018
21. Ms A S Shinde Dr V V Patil Hybrid Speech Emotion Recognition System 21/1/2020
22. M B Hankare Dr V V Patil Speech Enhancement for hearing impaired listeners using machine learning 21/1/2020
23. Mr J H  Gambhir Dr V V Patil Improving speech intelligibility and speech authentication for forensic application 21/1/2020
24. Mr S H Lavate Dr P K Srivastava Classification of IOT traffic  and channel allocation to benign traffic using Machine Learning 21/1/2020
25. Mr A K Kemalkar Dr V K Bairagi MIMO based cognitive radio network 21/1/2020
26. Mr A R More Dr S L Lahudkar Image Enhancement in Poor Visibility Conditions using Artificial intelligence 21/1/2020
27. Mr C K Bhange Dr V K Bairagi Mango quality detection and classification


28. Mr P N Badgujar Dr P K Srivastava Internet of Video Things (IoVT) based smart video surveillance system using edge-fog-cloud framework 15/1/2021
29. Mr Amol Chaudhari Dr D K Shedge Performance Improvement of Speaker Recognition System using Integration of Speech Features. 15/1/2021
30. Ms S A Lomate Dr V V Patil Heart sound analysis for detection of heart anomalies using machine learning approach 15/1/2021
31. Mrs R U Yawle Dr P B Mane Screening and Grading of Diabetic Retinopathy using Machine Vision Approach 15/1/2021
32. Mr S B Dhekale Dr D K Shedge Sentimental analysis for multimodal Data using Deep learning 15/1/2021
33. Mrs S M Pange Dr V R Pawar Machine Learning Based Framework for Analysis and Detection of Depression using EEG and ECG Signals. 15/1/2021
34. Mrs V K Patil Dr V R Pawar Development of Emotion Recognition Techniques using Facial Expressions Method and Sensor Based Method 15/1/2021
35. Vicky  Dnyanu  Nalawade Dr V K Bairagi Design and development of saliva based human diseases diagnosis system 17/03/2022
36. Dhanwantari Balu Thenge Dr S R  Patil An Intelligent Video Surveillance System 17/03/2022
37. Prachi Prakash Shinde Dr V V Patil Speaker diarization and identification in multispeaker overlapping scenario 17/03/2022
38. Amol Yadav Dr S R  Patil An Intelligent Bionic Hand 17/03/2022
39. Manisha Baban Gharde Dr V V Patil Detection of Speech Disorders due to Laryngeal Diseases 17/03/2022
40. Shashi Ramchandra Thite Dr S B Dhonde Detection and classification of grapes leaf Diseases using deep learning techniques 17/03/2022
41. Asawari K Chinchanikar Dr M P Dale Design and analysis of Blood Volume Pulse Extraction method for estimation of blood glucose. 17/03/2022
42. Anjali Anandrao Jagtap Dr D K Shedge Development of Robust System for Flood Risk and Inundation Zone Assessment 17/03/2022
43. Sujata Sachin Virulkar Dr K S Tiwari Image Generation from Text using Neural Network Techniques 17/03/2022
44. Atul Bapuso Vitekar Dr V R Pawar Implementation & Analysis of Security Box for insider attacks on Cyber-Physical Systems 17/03/2022
45. Vijay Vishwanath  Jadhav Dr K S Tiwari Solar Power Forecasting Using Machine Learning Techniques 17/03/2022
46. Namita Uttam Kure Dr S B Dhonde An Automatic Artificial intelligence based Dysarthric speech Recognition 17/03/2022
47. Mahavir Kasar Dr D K Shedge Design of Automated system for Detection and Classification of Cataract 17/03/2022
48. Suprriya  Lohar Dr S B Dhonde To develop Hybrid digital- analog  beam forming algorithm  and channel estimation technique for massive MIMO. 17/03/2022
49. Devendra  G Ingale Dr V K Bairagi Development of Brain Computer Interface for Decoding of Imagined Speech 17/03/2022
50. Vaishali V  Bhimte Dr D K Shedge Low supply voltage digital controlled oscillator of all digital phase locked loop using CMOS technology 17/03/2022
51. Nitin Dilip Toradmal Dr V K Bairagi Fabric defect detection and classification for Indian textile industry. 14/07/2022
52. Ajaykumar K Kakde Dr M P Dale Design and development of a hybrid model for stock prediction. 14/07/2022
53. Geetanjali A. Argade Dr. P.B. Mane To Design & develop Hybrid Deep Learning based diabetic retinopathy diagnosis detection system using fundus images. 06/06/2023
54. Nitin P. Mawale Dr. P.B. Mane Design and analysis of efficient solar photovoltaic (PV) power generation system using advanced MPPT method. 06/06/2023
55. Yogita Pradip Lad Dr. P. P. Vast Non-destructive Metal-alloy Surface Crack Detection using Microwave Sensor. 25/09/2023
56. Vaishnavi S. Navale Dr. P. P. Vast Enhanced image based classification and detection of marine organisms using optimized convolution neural network. 25/09/2023
57. Chandrabhaga M. Maind Dr. P. P. Vast Development of an efficient convolutional neural network for Autism Spectrum Disorder Identification Using Facial Expressions. 25/09/2023
58. Shailesh G. Itkalkar Dr. P.B. Chopade Novel approach for cryptography in cyber security and ethical hacking by developing feasible solution using machine learning technology. 25/09/2023


Summary of Publications (2021-2024)

Sr. No. Description E &TC Engineering Electrical Engineering Information Technology Computer Engineering Instrumentation Engineering AI&DS Engineering Science Total
1 Publications 93 29 110 82 123 48 46 531
2 Scopus Indexed 11 8 9 21 11 36 33 129
3 SCI Indexed 1 2 2 7 3 5 12 32
4 UGC CARE list 9 0 2 4 39 2 28 84
5 With only ISSN 24 19 97 34 67 2 33 276
6 Total Citations till date 1596 149 231 1255 433 837 1421 5922
7 i-10 index 48 5 7 31 18 28 25 162
8 H-index 22 19 5 17 12 20 41 136



Sr. No Patent details Patent filed by CBR no / Application No Application Year Publication/Grant  date
1 Hybrid Powered Router Mrs. Sheetal Vijay Kulkarni 202321020513 23/03/2023 Granted on


2 IoT based device for home security Venkat Ghodke 385894-001 09/05/2023 Granted on


3 Machine learning based stress Detection device Venkat Ghodke 387701-001 05/06/2023  


4 Wearable system for guidance of alzheimer’s disease patients with camera and screen Venkat Ghodke 396064-001 26/09/2023 26/09/ 2023
5 IOT enabled health monitoring system Venkat Ghodke 384275-001 19/04/2023 19/04/2023
6 LPG management system – remote lpg monitoring (booking, delivery, leakage and accident control) Mr. Milind P. Gajare
Dr. Mohini P. Sardey
Mr Devendra Anant ItoleDr. Yogesh Pralhadrao Patil
202321059006 03/09/2023 03/09/2023
7 Cloud Computing for mapping benefits, risk and control for consumer enterprises and method thereof Mrs.M.V.Shelke


202321011610 A


2023 17/3/2023
8 Cyber Security Risk Assessment and Management System Using AI And ML For Enterprise Network Mrs.M.V.Shelke


202321058290 A 2023 29/09/2023
9 IOT Based Wireless Sensor
Dr. S. A. Panwar 362787-001 19/04/2022 05/01/2024
10 Smart Water Irrigation System And Method Thereof Dr. R. B. Dhumale 201821034063 201821034063 08/01/2024
11 Hardware Based Open Circuit Faults Diagnose System Of Switching Devices Utilizing Artificial Intelligence (Ai) Dr. R. B. Dhumale 201821034062 10/09/2018 06/12/2023
12 Cyber Security Risk Assessment And Management System Using Ai And Ml For Enterprise Network Ms.B.D.Lambture 202321058290 A 2023 29/09/2023
13 System and method for differentiating between seizures type Dr. V. K. Bairagi 201921032259 08/08/2019 Granted on


14 A system for face detection And notification  using machine Learning and artificial intelligence Dr Amita A Shinde 2023012308312200DE 23/01/2023 Granted on


15 System and method for identification of number of clusters needed for brain tumor detection Dr. V. K. Bairagi 201921013522 03/04/2019 Granted on


16 System For Calling And Receiving Landline Phone Calls Over Smart Mobile Through Wi-Fi (South Africa patent) Dr. V. K. Bairagi,

Dr S A Panwar

2022/04880 04/05/2022 Granted on


17 Portable Trolley– (Design) Dr. V. K. Bairagi 343354-001 11/05/2021 Registered on


18 Traveller Trolley– (Design) Dr. V. K. Bairagi 343352-001 11/05/2021 Registered on


19 Automated Apparatus for waste segregation Dr. Y. P. Patil 202121041701 15/09/2021 Granted on


20 An analog emulator system for temperature control of a heat exchanger (German Patent) Dr D R Shende 202022100696 07/02/2022 Granted on 17/02/2022
21 Smart and safe geyser system for bathroom with controlled latch Dr Amita Shinde 202121036935 15/08/2021 Granted on 17/03/2022
22 Adaptive spatial trajectory tracking control for autonomous underwater vehicle (Australian Patent) D R Shende, G V Lakhekar,  L M Waghmare 2021100238 14/01/21 Granted on 31/03/2021
23 Locking Device For Laptop – (Design) Dr. S V Limkar 340484-001 10/03/2021 Registered on


24 Nonhazardous waste sanitary pad decomposition system Dr. Y. P. Patil,

Dr P B Mane

202021006596 14/02/2020 Granted on 29/11/2021
25 Multiuse exercise assembly – (Design) Dr. V. K. Bairagi 318418-001 3/06/2019 Registered on


26 Method, apparatus and system For finding a square root of a perfect square number Dr D S Bormane,

Dr S R Wadar

201921014084 08/04/2019 Granted on


27 A fuzzy rough based portable miniature diligent system for monitoring of heart condition Dr D S Bormane,

Dr A K Ratnaparkhi

201821027705 24/07/2018 Granted on


28 A soft rough set based heart health monitoring system Dr D S Bormane,

Dr A K Ratnaparkhi

201821017915 12/05/2018 Granted on


29 Secure Anomaly Based Efficient Real Time Distributed Intrusion Detection System (SABER-DIDS). Dr K S Wagh 201621016976 08/07/2016 Granted on


30 Smart waste collection and management system Dr. P. B. Mane,

Dr. V. K. Bairagi

1721/MUM/2015 30/04/2015 Granted on


31 Hybrid powered router Mrs. S. V. Kulkarni,

Dr. V. V. Kale

202321020513 23/03/2023 28/04/2023
32 Neural network for ECG anomaly detection in IOT environment Mrs.M.V.Shelke, Mrs.S.A.Belhe

Dr K S Wagh

202221058788 14/10/2022 21/10/2022
33 Soil Classification And Crop Suggestion Using Machine Learning Methods Based On Soil Series Ms. Jayashree C. Pasalkar

Ms.Supriya Kumar More

202241044538 04/08/2022 12/08/2022
34 Two level security to E mark sheet using QR strategy Dr.Sarika Zaware 202221010425 22/08/2022 Not Published
35 Automatic Water Tank Cleaner Using  Arduinio Uno Dr A S Shiralkar, Dr S M Bakre 202221039886 12/07/2022 Not Published
36 A Device for Repelling Animals Mr. D. A. Itole,  Mr. Gajare Milind P. 202221024402 26/04/2022 13/05/2022
37 Webserver for Text to Speech conversion Dr K S Wagh 202221005289 31/01/2022 08/04/2022
38 CNN Based Finger Vein Identification System Dr. Mrunal K. Pathak 202221008798 19/02/2022 11/03/2022
39 Methodology for Analyzing the Quality of Websites Based On Machine Learning Techniques Dr. Mrunal K. Pathak 202221000439 04/01/2022 04/02/2022
40 IAH-Waste Management: Intelligent waste management for Ayurveda hospitals using IoT-Based. Dr.Meenakshi A. Thalor 202141001290 12/01/21 22/01/2021
41 ASTHMA detection and Notification using IoT based with very Small Device Dr.Meenakshi A. Thalor 202141004759 4/02/21 26/02/21
42 Natural Language Processing based Patient Medical conditions Assessment System Ms. Madhuri B. Thorat 202141013638 27/03/2021 02/04/2021
43 Automated Mask Disposer for Surgical Mask Mr P B. Wakhare 202121001057 09/01/2021 Not Published
44 IOT Based Modern Site Supervising Method Dr. K S  Wagh, Dr. C N Aher, Dr. S V Limkar 202031050746 21/11/2020 11/12/2020
45 IoT based power theft detection and monitoring system Dr. Y. P. Patil 202021006665 16/02/2020 21/02/2020
46 Agri-Incubator Dr M P Sardey 202021041580 25/09/2020 Not Published
47 A Method for Enhancing and Estimating Lifetime of Wireless Ad Hoc Network Ms. Mousami Vanjale 202021003501 27/01/2020 16/10/2020
48 IOT based water dispensing apparatus Mrs. Shilpa P. Pimpalkar 202021008223 26/02/2020 22/05/2020
49 Automatic Volume Control For Unwanted Increase Of Sound Dr. V. K. Bairagi 201921022399 06/06/219 15/11/2019
50 System for calling and receiving landline phone calls over smart mobile through Wi‐Fi Dr. V. K. Bairagi 201921035145 30/08/2019 27/09/2019
51 Smart Air Conditioner Controller – An IOT Application Mr. Prashant Wakhare 201921018994 13/5/2019 20/11/2020
52 Method and System of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease grade determination using surface electromyography Dr. V. K. Bairagi 201921016526 25/04/2019 30/10/2020
53 A Device For Quick Drying of Clothes Mr. N. D. Gaikwad 201921033516 20/08/2019 Not Published
54 Soil sampler and tester Dr. Y. P. Patil 201921027868 11/07/2019 Not Published
55 Lab view based runway visibility measurement using forward scattering Mrs S. V. Kulkarni 201921014004 08/04/2019 09/10/2020
56 Web based auto-pneumatic solar panel cleaning system Mrs S. V. Kulkarni 201921014006 08/04/2019 09/10/2020
57 Automated gate design for metered water supply through reservoir Dr. Y. P. Patil 201921004758 06/02/2019 Not Published
58 Economical and portable attendance marking device for academic application Dr. Y. P. Patil 201921001360 11/01/2019 Not Published
59 Vehicle puncture prevention  mechanism Prof. S. V Arlikar 201821021867 12/06/2018 19/07/2019
60 Super conductor based electromagnetic propulsion system Dr. Y. P. Patil

Dr. P.B. Mane

201821018421 17/05/2018 19/07/2019
61 Text-independent speaker identification using fusion of MFCC, LPC and formants features Dr S B Dhonde 201621016130 9/05/2016 15/07/2016
62 A novel method for early diagnosis of Alzheimer disease using electroencephalogram signals Dr. V. K. Bairagi 201621001854 19/01/2016 05/02/2016
63 Hand gesture recognition for dumb people with communication interpreter using Indian sign language. Dr. V. K. Bairagi 1723/MUM/2015 30/04/2015 04/11/2016
64 System for determining stress level using  EEG sub-band Dr. V. K. Bairagi 1722/MUM/2015 30/04/2015 07/04/2017
65 Machine vision guided system for classification and detection of mango plant diseases using support vector machines Dr. V. K. Bairagi 2963/MUM/2014 17/09/2014 25/03/2016
66 Method for blur detection and correction for images Dr. P. B. Mane,

Dr. V. K. Bairagi

3829/MUM/2013 06/12/2013 31/07/2015
67 Channel coding technique for lossless  compressed images Dr. V. K. Bairagi 1929/MUM/2013 03/06/2013 29/05/2015
68 The method for encoding and decoding of  medical images Dr. V. K. Bairagi 1687/MUM/2013 10/05/2013 16/08/2013
69 A rolling iron press Mr. N. D. Gaikwad 316/MUM/2008 13/02/2008 23/07/2010



Sr. No. Title Applicant Registration No/ Diary Number Status
1 Kick Start Python Dr.Jaydeep B. Patil L-104447/2021 Registered
2 Solving Mathematical Captcha Using Image Dr.Jaydeep B. Patil SW-14682/2021 Registered
3 Story on Murmure Dr. V. K. Bairagi L-100215/2021 Registered
4 Automated Malaria Parasite And Their Stages Detection In Blood Smears Dr. V. K. Bairagi L-70010/2017 Registered
5 Rogue access point detection using multiple parameter Dr. P. B. Mane SW-9878/2017 Registered
6 Joint Source Coding And Channel Coding. Dr. V. K. Bairagi A-113173/2015 Registered
7 Fingerprint Image Compression Dr. V. K. Bairagi A-112016/2014 Registered
8 Lossless Image Compression Of Images Using Optimal Predictor Dr. V. K. Bairagi L-59493/2014 Registered
9 Experimental investigations and simulation on solar powered reverse osmosis water desalination system Mr.S.S.Gadadhe 24816/2021-CO/L Registered


Faculty pursuing Ph.D.:

Sr. No. Department Faculties pursuing PhD
1 Instrumentation Engineering 2
2 IT Engineering 7
3 Computer Engineering 9
4 E &TC Engineering 12
5 Electrical Engineering 8
6 Engineering Science 9
7 AI&DS 8
Total 55


Research Proposals submitted to Funding Agencies:

Sr. No. Name of the Funding Agency No. of research proposals
1 BCUD 63
4 DST 9
5 ICMR 2
6 ISRO 17
7 IEI 2
10 RGSTC 14
 Total 123



Sanctioned Research Grants:

Sr. No. Funding Agency Name of PI Title of Work Sanctioned Amount in Rs Year
1 IEEE HAC – SIGHT Dr. S. A. Panwar,

Dr. R. B. Dhumale,

Dr P B Mane

HAM Radio Set Up for Flood Prone Area 398,900


2 Paramtech Motors Pvt . Ltd Mrs. K. S. Gadgil
Dr. A. D. Shiralkar
E – Rickshaw 150,000 2021-22
3 IEEE HAC – SIGHT Dr Y P Patil,

Dr P B Mane

UV Based Disinfection Machine 334,000


4 BCUD – SPPU Mr. R N Jadhav Design and implementation of Compact UWB Antenna with dual band notched characteristics for MIMO system 300,000 2019-21
5 BHU Dr. V. K. Bairagi Speech modification for prosody conversion in expressive Marathi text to speech synthesis 120,000 2019-20
6 ISRO Mrs. Shilpa Pimpalkar Ontology enabled disaster management web service using data integration 150,000 2018-20
7 BCUD – SPPU Dr. V. K. Bairagi Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer Disease using EEG Signals 160,000 2016-18
8 BCUD – SPPU Dr. H. D. Shinde Auditory Speech Enhancement 190,000 2016-18
9 BCUD – SPPU Dr. A. A. Shinde Biomedical Image indexing and retrieval system 100,000 2016-18
10 BCUD – SPPU Dr. S. N. Zaware Generating Secure Digital mark sheet using encrypted QR code  34,000 2016-18
11 GYTI Dr. V. K. Bairagi Brain Monitoring for Healthy Living 100,000 2016-17
12 ISRO Mrs. Shobha Nikam Design feasibility of PLL frequency synthesizer for Ku band 860,000 2015-17
13 BCUD – SPPU Mrs. Mousami Vanjale Optimization of dynamic source routing protocol for energy efficient routing in mobile Ad-Hoc networks 180,000 2014-16
14 BCUD – SPPU Mrs. A. S. Shiralkar Robust control of electro-hydraulic system using sliding modes. 200,000 2014-16
15 BCUD – SPPU Dr. A. D. Rahulkar Real Time implementation of Iris recognition algorithm 115,000 2013-15
16 BCUD – SPPU Dr. P. Musrif Anomalous absorption in cosmic molecules 230,000 2013-15
17 Forest Department Mrs. V. K. Patil RFID based interactive Map of Maharashtra 100,000 2013-14
18 BCUD – SPPU Mrs. V. K. Patil Efficient Hardware implementation of high speed digital modulation scheme 200,000 2012-15
19 BCUD – SPPU Mrs. Shipra Wadikar Criteria for 3×3 matrices to be sum of cubes 100,000 2011-12
20 BCUD – SPPU Dr. Y. P. Patil Development of Ag Nano based MFR composites. 125,000 2009-11
21 BCUD – SPPU Mr. B. M. Kardile Drip rate controller for intravenous fusion of IV fluid 150,000 2007-09
22 BCUD – SPPU Mr. D. U. Shinde Mathematical modeling of industrial boiler 150,000 2007-09
Total 44,46,900




AICTE Grants- Modernization and removal of obsolescence
Sr.No Name of the Lab Name of the Coordinator Date of grant received Grant amount
(In Rs )
1 Biomedical Instrumentation Laboratory Dr. D. R. Shende 29/6/2020 12,00,000/-
2 Power Quality Laboratory Mr. S. V. Shelar 9/1/2020 12,00,000/-
3 Biomedical Instrumentation Laboratory Dr. D. R. Shende,

Mrs. S. V. Kulkarni

30/4/2019 6,59,000/-


Consultancy Projects 23-24 Sem 1
Consultancy Projects 22-23 Sem 2
Consultancy Projects 22-23 Sem 1
Consultancy Projects 21-22 Sem 2
Consultancy Projects 21-22 Sem 1
Consultancy Projects 20-21 Sem 2
Consultancy Projects 20-21 Sem 1
Consultancy Projects 19-20
Consultancy Projects 15-18


Summary of Book Publications  (2021-2024) Year Electrical E&TC IT Computer Engg. Science. Instrumentation AI-DS Total
1 2023-24 1 1 0 0 0 0 8 10
2 2022-23 17 0 3 1 0 0 0 21
3 2021-22 14 1 2 1 1 0 0 19
4 2020-21 12 2 1 2 1 2 0 20
5 2019-20 16 2 4 2 0 0 24
6 2018-19 11 2 3 7 3 0 29
7 2017-18 13 5 0 1 0 0 19
8 2016-17 16 0 0 0 1 0 14
9 2015-16 13 0 0 0 1 0 14
10 2014-15 21 0 0 0 1 0 22
Total 134 13 13 14 8 2 8 192


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Paper Publications by Faculties (22-23 Sem1)

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Paper Publications by Faculties (21-22 Sem1)
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 Student Sponsored Project:

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QIP Grant Received till date:

QIP grant received (June 2016-till date)
Sr. No. Name of the QIP Event Dates of conduction of event Level Financial Assistance granted in Rs Funding Agency Name of Event Coordinator Department
1 Hands-on FDP on Wavelet application in Signal & Image FDP 18/01/2018 to 19/01/2018 State 100000 Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune Ms. N.D.Agham Instrumentation Technology
2 Workshop on Deep Learning with Hadoop 10/01/2018 to 11/01/2018 State 87485 Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune Mrs.R.Y.Totare Information Technology
3 FDP on Software Testing using open source tools 12/01/2017 to 13/01/2017 State 73425 Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune S. N. Zaware Computer Engineering
4 FDP on Machine Learning using Python 8/01/2019  to 9/01/2019 State 80172 Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune S. N. Zaware Computer Engineering
5 Hands-on Training Using Open Source Software’s for Signal Processing And Building Embedded Systems 24/2/2016 to 28/02/2016 National 200000 Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune Ms. Varsha K Patil E&TC
6 Workshop on Antennas for modern wireless communication 01/02/2018 to 02/02/2018 National 133228 Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune Mrs.Harshada Magar,   Mrs.A.S.Ubale E&TC
7 FDP on Recent Trends In MEMS, Power Sources And Electronic Packaging 25/06/2018 to 30/06/2018 National 300000 AICTE-ISTE Ms. G. G. Kulkarni E&TC
8 IEEE ESCI 2020 Conference 12/03/2020 to  14/03/2020 International 285667 AICTE Dr. P.B Mane E&TC
9 Workshop on Power Electronics Applications in Power System 12/01/2017 to 13/01/2017 National 100554 Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune Mrs. K. S. Gadgil Electrical
10 Workshop on Power Electronics Applications and control of E -Vehicle and drives 10/01/2019 to 11/01/2019 National 121326 Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune Mrs. V. P. Kuralkar Electrical
11 Workshop on Modern trends in Lighting and Illumination Control 06/01/2020 to 07/01/2020 National 200000 Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune Mrs. S. S. Landge Electrical
12 Workshop on Mathematical modelling using SCILAB 12/01/2017 to 13/01/2017 National 100000 Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune Dr. Y. P. Patil Engineering Science
13 FDP on NBA Accreditation (ICT01) 22/04/2019 to 26/04/2019 National 21250 NITTTR NME-ICT


Mrs S Powanikar Electrical
14 FDP on Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (ICT02) 06/05/2019 to 10/05/2019 National 15725 NITTTR NME-ICT


Ms Aishwarya Phatak E&TC
15 FDP on Problem Based Learning (ICT03) 20/05/2019 to 31/05/2019 National 53625 NITTTR NME-ICT


Dr P Musrif Engineering Science
16 FDP on Introduction to Network Security (ICT05) 24/06/2019 to 28/06/2019 National 21775 NITTTR NME-ICT


Dr Jaydeep Patil Information Technology
17 FDP on Automated Manufacturing Systems (ICT06) 1/7/2019 to 5/7/2019 National 20400 NITTTR NME-ICT


Dr D R shende Instrumentation Technology
18 FDP on Effective Teaching (ICT07) 15/07/2019 to 19/07/2019 National 42000 NITTTR NME-ICT


Mr D Pise Engineering Science
19 FDP on Laboratory Safety Management (ICTSPL02) 23/09/2019 to 27/09/2019 National 19200 NITTTR NME-ICT


Mr A Kore Information Technology