Photo Gallery

Webinar on “Overseas Higher Education” by Mr. Akash Ambilwade,(Counsellor at Envision Pune Branch) on 18/1/2021 Webinar on “How to secure scholarship to study in abroad ” for SE(I) T.E (I) B.E(I) students by Mr. Shreyash Ramkrishnan (Jamboree Pvt Ltd, Pune.) on 8/02/2021
Webinar on “Latest cyber security algorithms in IT industries ” for T.E (I) B.E(I) students by Mr. Amol Aher (SecMyIT Pvt Ltd, Pune) on 10/02/2021 Webinar on “Innovation, Agile, Devops, Analytics” conducted by Mr. Christopher  Malekar, Sr. Director Northmarq, USA”   on 15/02/2021
Webinar on “Building Product into India’s Future “conducted by Mr. Bansidhar Deshpande, Sr. Product Manager, NICE Ltd” on 25/2/2021 Webinar on “Career Opportunities in software testing in association with Computer Society of India” by Revati Raspayle from seven mentor pvt ltd on 26/2/2021
Workshop On “How To Prepare For Competitive Coding  & Placements In IT/Software Companies by Mamta Kumari Prepbytes  On 31/01/2021 for Se,Te,Be  Workshop on “Yoga and Meditation for Life” for SE Computer Engineering students (1st and 2nd shift) on 11/02/2021and 12/02/2021conducted by Mr.Girish Joshi,Ms.Bhagyashree Hottagimath and Ms.Priyanka Bunde
Vodafone University Engagement Program-One week certification Workshop on Linux and Data Analytics organized on 27/1/2021 to 4/02/2021
Workshop on “Data Science Honors Course” by Sonali Patwe Tushar Kute ,MITU Skillologies Pune 2/3/2021  t0 12/3/2021
Workshop on “Web Application Development using PHP ,Mysql with Shared hosting ” On 15/02/2021,17/02/2021,16/03/2021 conducted by Santosh Raut(Accenture Pune)
One week Omkar Meditation Workshop “for faculty members and Students by Mr.Girish Joshi from 06/05/2021 to 12/05/2021
Expert Lecture on “ Data Science :  Current need of industry “ for B.E students on 29/01/2021 by Mr. Tushar B. Kute (MITU Research, Pune) Expert  Lecture on “Career in Healthcare Domain” on 18/02/2021 by Ms. Namrata Yamgekar (FIS global System Operation Analyst)
Expert  Lecture on “Career in Healthcare Domain” on 18/02/2021 by Ms. Namrata Yamgekar (FIS global System Operation Analyst)
Expert Lecture on “Exception handling and collections in Python Programming” on SE Computer student on 18/03/2021 by Mr. Omkar Gurav (Quickheal Technology)