Aayam Magazine


AAYAM word contains a plethora of connotations in Hindi/Marathi, including Dimension, Extensity, Scope, Reach, and Diversity. We are striving to reflect this variety of meanings through the magazine- AAYAM.

AAYAM is committed to reflecting the institutions’ ideals and excellence and by sustaining its readers’ respect and interest, the magazine hopes to eventually enlighten views on the annual theme. Being the literary source of one of the best engineering institutes, AISSMS’s IOIT, AAYAM is committed to give the best reading experience.


It aims to provide a valuable forum for self-expression in written form on orientated themes and topics.


  1. To develop and foster a literary taste in students.
  2. To Inform, involve, inspire and delight a diverse readership including students, staff, alumni, and other interested readers.


  1. Students and staff can communicate creative thinking in well-written form.
  2. Students and staff can analyze the given theme and put their thoughts in written form.
  3. Students and staff can demonstrate their artistic view through sketches and photography.


Every issue of the magazine carries the following:

  1. Technical articles on emerging trends and ideas.
  2. Short essays, poems in Marathi, English & Hindi.
  3. Art corner featuring sketches and photography.
  4. Interviews.
  5. Book Reviews.
  6. Department highlights
  7. Alumni articles.
  8. Sport & cultural event highlights.
  9. Academic achievements.
  10. Annual report.

AAYAM Committee-

Designation Staff
Chief Editor Mrs.Harshada Magar
English Section Head Mrs.Krutuja Gadgil
Marathi Section Head Mrs.Pragati Mahale
Technical Section Head Mrs.Divyani Rathod
Art Section Head  Mr. Ashish Apate
Official Pages Mrs. Prajwal Gaikwad
Annual Report Mr. Santosh Lavate