Implemented Projects

Gram Gaurav Pratishthan – Solar Home light system- Our Team successfully implemented 200-watt solar energy system for gram Gaurav Pratisthan (Pani Panchayat) canteen, this system was fully designed and implemented by our TESLA team.

Projects Submitted for funding by Team T.E.S.L.A.

Sr. No. Name of project Date of Application Agency
1 Telescopic legume cutter January 2019 IEEE SIG
2 Small and Medium Agricultural Reform Technology (SMART) for Irrigation Using Internet of Things (IOT) October 2018 SPPU
3 Automation of Gates for controlled water release September 2018 IEEE SIG

List of applied Project to Sweden government for funding

1. Grass Cutter: Hyacinth Remover
Guidance – Prof. K Ranvir | Dr. Y.P.Patil | MSV
Head – Tanvi Patil (T.E. Computer 1st Shift)

2. Smart Helmet for all weather condition
Guidance- Prof. G. Kulkarni | Dr. Y.P.Patil | Dr. M.P.Sardey
Head – Gaurav Sonawane (T.E. ENTC 1st Shift)

3. Sophisticated cutter for fruits and legume
Guidance – Dr. P.B.Mane | Dr. Y.P.Patil
Head – Aditya Saraiya (B.E. ENTC 1st Shift)

4. Humidifier for mushroom cultivation
Guidance – Prof. S.P.Gopanarayan
Head – Yash Gawade (T.E. ENTC 1st Shift)

5. Pesticide sprinkling UAV
Guidance – Dr. P.B.Mane
Head – Omkar Hadowale (T.E. ENTC 1st Shift)

6. E-skate Board
Guidance – Dr. Y.P.Patil
Head – Gaurav Sonawane (T.E. ENTC 1st Shift)

7. Attendance Monitoring System
Guidance – Dr. P.B.Mane
Head – Prof. A.H.Raheja

Implemented Projects:

The club always looks for the sharing of facility developed under Club Activities. Accordingly, the UVC Disinfection Machine developed under IEEE HAC is suggested to be set at railway station. Accordingly we are in touch with DRM Office Pune.

The solar power unit with the objective to make use of renewable energy  to  generate  power  and provide illumination to the kitchen and dining hall at canteen area of Gram Gaurav Pratishthan was commissioned successfully. Prof. Prashant Mahajan from department of  Electrical  Engineering  guided the students for the project.