ADVIT AI Labs Centre of excellence

Today, there is a wide, and growing, skill gap between technical graduates and IT industry expectations. To propel India’s digital economy transformation, it is imperative that the higher education system in the country bridges this gap by developing new curriculum and offering courses in emerging AI technologies. The National Education Policy 2021 recognizes this, and stresses the need for greater industry-academic linkages, and for higher education institutions to focus on research and innovation. ADVIT Labs is a unique offer from Automaton for Universities & Education Institutions, to setup an Artificial Intelligence Lab of the necessary hardware, software & training. The main objective of the program is to build the skill gap between Education institutes and the industry expectations by deploying a lab with emerging AI technology & edge computing etc. This Program is a complete “Centre of excellence” marked as ADVIT AI Labs. This COELABS also involves digital library in Machine Learning and Deep learning with the open-source technology content like Tensorflow, PyTorch, ONNX, Kubernetes, Dockers, etc. where you can use this to certify students in Deep Learning (DL) and Machine Learning (ML). With ADVIT AI Labs, it can keep pace with fast changing industry needs and expectations. It will help to equip developers/students with industry relevant data centric skills & unleash student’s creative potential. It is the perfect platform to the students & faculty to collaborate & develop AI projects using state-of-the-art ADVIT AI Labs.

Objective of Collaboration:

The objective of this collaborative partnership is

• To provide the automation knowledge to students with highly rated courses and to apply their technical knowledge and professional skills to develop applications.

• To provide opportunity for faculties, researchers, & students to work on the advanced technology stack in AI/ML and HPC.

• To make the students proficient about to build the project in real-time using AI labs and internship opportunities for the students on the University campus.

• Researchers & Faculties can collaborate to develop IPs in AI with the help of Automaton AI labs and can access the ADVIT AI Labs remotely.