Social media guidelines for Individuals – Students

  • For all the activities that needs to be highlighted on the official social media pages of the colleges, student can/shall send the content in the standard form to the social media co- ordinators of the college. Upon preliminary moderation, the senior coordinators can selectively take a call to publish the posts on the official channels. This will ensure that all the important events, initiatives, student accomplishments can be entirely covered.
  • The students and individuals associated to AISSMS college through any of its institute needs to understand that they are perceived as the person of knowledge or expert about the organization. Any idea or comment passed on by the students will certainly have a direct or indirect effect on college’s reputation. Be thoughtful before you post.
  • Pages other than the official pages shall avoid the use of the college online assets such as college website, logo or photographs of prominent personalities as their cover pages, background images etc.
  • On the internet have a respectful tone for your colleagues, faculties and your staff.
  • Remember that social media is not the place to post about any mismanagement or any dispute that you may have with any of the faculty, department or a rule. One needs to find the right point of contact offline or the person responsible for the same and avoid a straight post on social media.
  • Do not post anything that will come back to haunt you. Remember, that the employers might go through the college profiles and your personal profiles before selecting you for the interview or for the placement. Having inappropriate functioning of your social media accounts can lead to intangible effect on you and the organization.
  • Do not post offensive statements, pictures or videos on the web. A small joke by you could be someone’s bullying or harassment. Any cases of such incidences will be acted upon by utter seriousness by the disciplinary committee of the organisation.
  • For the matters pertaining to education or pertaining to the college or the organization, you will be solely responsible to the created content in any form. Be mindful here.
  • Using Fake Accounts & Names – Modern advanced tracking tools can quickly find out the source of the content. Being in the assumption that none will find you and hold you accountable for the posts creating hatred will land the individual in a serious legal engagement.
  • Spreading Rumors/Disrespect on the web – Remember that the social media pages are on a constant watch by the coordinators, senior coordinators, the management and at times the government law regulatory bodies. Avoid Rumors and messages of violence and hate through the organizational pages and groups and through your personal profiles.
  • Use of Logo – The logo stands for the college identity & misuse of it can have serious implications. Do no use logo of the college in any of the unofficial communication or unless approved and moderated by the social media coordinators.
  • Do not make any offensive or derogatory comments relating to sex, gender reassignment, race (including nationality), disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief or age.
  • Do not engage in online conflicts through or topics related to the organization online.
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